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  • he and Jamal Murray had formed something pretty fun to watch.

  • Give me specifics on How have I mean?

  • Just like we talked about Simmons and Embiid game, not complementing one another's these to do.

  • And here's why.

  • Because Jamal Murray is a natural score, and I believe that Yokich is a playmaker, and for that reason these two get along just fine.

  • Like any other point guard situation, you're you're you're called on to make plays.

  • They just want him to score.

  • So they put the ball, will go to the clips, will put the ball here in your hands and say, All right, Mom, where you do what you do best when you talk about chemistry and knowing one another, you see him put that hand out right there.

  • To Jamal Murray, that means give and go.

  • The problem is the guy Mo Harkless that's guarding him.

  • He can't see that signal so small.

  • Murray's gonna come over here.

  • He's gonna be very, very aggressive at all times to get buckets again.

  • He's a score.

  • Jamal Murray is this guy.

  • The big fella who I think is the biggest point guard in the league is a playmaker, Mama again.

  • Give it to your playmaker and just come off and be who you are.

  • Now you look at this big guy right here slow.

  • We can't jump over time.

  • They're down.

  • Three.

  • He draws three defenders right here, and his natural instinct is to guess what?

  • Look for Paul Millsap, who's right in the back, who could possibly get a lay up, but there's no good passing angle there, But there's one guy that's wide open.

  • His favorite target.

  • Best score on the team.

  • Jamal Murray, a beneficiary of great playmaking.

  • Now, this is something you don't see every day.

  • Your point guard, 64 passing it to the seven footer in the backcourt.

  • So then go make a play.

  • A pick and roll for him.

  • Look at the biggest point.

  • Guards lead you guys, goes to the paint like Rondo draws three defenders and finds not Paul Pierce but Jamal Murray wide open three ball.

  • This dude right here is just these days, same result.

  • You get telling they like each other, right?

  • I mean, they have fun playing with each other day games complement one another.

  • They're young, they're gonna grow together.

  • I just love it.

  • I love what they do.

  • How would you describe his past?

  • Unbelievable.

  • He's a guard big man in the guard's body.

  • I mean, vice versa.

  • He's He's on illegal passing.

  • He sees the floor very well.

  • He's two steps ahead of the game every time he plays the game, so he gets the ball.

  • He knows what you gonna do with himself.

  • I think he's been leading a system of rescuers were in the playoffs.

  • Don't believe the staff would be.

  • That is insane.

  • Does he remind you of anyone that too, right there to me?

  • They remind me a little bit of like Weber and Bibi.

  • That's the only pseudo doc and kind of think of that.

  • That's leather.

  • A point, a point you went with the past, that thing, man.

  • He could really, really pass it.

  • Maybe not quite like focus.

  • But during their close, though, the thing I like about watching the Nuggets play as they look different from every other team, because when you're able to invert your offense and have your center bringing it up in the backcourt are thought to him at the high post, I'm actually getting a chance to see people cut and move off the ball is the opposite of watching the Houston Rockets right.

  • They have five guys constantly spotting up or four guys, and one got trying to get a lob on the dunk spot.

  • So it just refreshing to see how they play and to think about what you said when Brad Stevens came in similar similar offense.

  • Hey tried to go to our hoping in the Post and back in the day when it was Jerry Salinger and, uh, and Kelly Olynyk same type offense.

  • Tried to invert offense, but the defense to react differently and see how big start picking roles or pit downs.

he and Jamal Murray had formed something pretty fun to watch.


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