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  • Who's the next best player you've ever seen?

  • Toe MJ.

  • Well, the one that scene played the game who I think would probably give Ah player like Michael Jordan.

  • Most problems, right?

  • There's been a couple players Ah, kee Malaj y And what he was able to do was the first player that I saw physically and athletically, that could match his physical tenacity and what he brought to the game.

  • But the player to me that I find most interesting, Um, and I know you know it looked LeBron James is a marvelous player.

  • He's a phenomenal player and you got physically, you know, LeBron is LeBron.

  • He's ah, he's a unique athlete.

  • But the player that has that in my mind, that if I ever was to say, you know, will give us the most problems or give him the most problems would be Tim Duncan just becomes just because of the versatility of Trump Duncan.

  • Tim Duncan was a marvelous player.

  • He played the game from the four, the five position, and he was one of the unique players like Michael Jordan, who could get the spaces on the floor that you couldn't do anything about.

  • So technically speaking, Tim Duncan, to me is a player that really is just probably is unique of a talent that I've seen in the MBA.

  • And if you're gonna have a player that's going to be a what's a counter of talent, like a Michael Jordan, who was like, almost flawless, technically in his game?

  • Tim Duncan could do that because he could do things not only offensively but defensively.

  • He could control the game, and I thought that was very unique.

  • I throw this before I ask my question, I throwing this little other nugget about Tim Duncan.

  • The fact is, Tim Duncan didn't give you somebody like a Michael Jordan.

  • Any kind of motivation.

  • He talked no trash.

  • He didn't retaliate.

  • All he did was played again.

  • It was incredibly likeable.

  • And if you're Jordan looking for every excuse under the sun toe, find an enemy to eight.

  • Tim Duncan gave you absolutely nothing to eight about him because he just went and played, and that was that.

  • But let me ask you this question.

  • When I watched Michael Jordan, particularly the conversations I've had with him, it would have you.

  • Here's where I'm asking you this, Phil Jackson.

  • It is rare that we've seen a player say, I'm not playing for another coach.

  • He goes, I go.

  • That's the mentality that Michael Jordan had off Phil Jackson.

  • A.

  • Was Phil Jackson worthy of that level of commitment from Michael Jordan and B.

  • Why do you think Michael Jordan gave it toe well, to answer your question?

  • Yes, he was worthy of that.

  • Michael Bill Jackson understood people, and you know you can talk about X's and O's.

  • You talk about defense offense and all of those things that come with being a great coach.

  • And yes, he was that.

  • But Michael about Phil Jackson understood people, and he in particular.

  • He understood Michael Jordan.

  • He understood the needs.

  • He understood what it took.

  • The coach a player like a Michael Jordan.

  • More importantly, Michael Jordan had his trust and knowing that he was always going to make sure that he plays Michael Jordan in the position to win.

  • So when he came to preparation for the game and what Michael Jordan was all about, Phil Jackson was the perfect complement to him.

  • And I just think they work together.

  • Um, and feel went on to do that not only in Chicago, but he did it in L.

  • A as well.

  • He had a phenomenal understanding of people and people who were driven.

  • You know, I don't know if feel was a phenomenal motivator, but certainly feel knew how to coach and win with talented players.

  • And you did that over and over again.

  • And I think Michael acknowledged that, understood that, respected that.

  • And I think that was the most comfortable thing for him.

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Who's the next best player you've ever seen?


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