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  • Embiid and Simmons together their offensive rating.

  • It would be in the top three or four.

  • The Sixers would be in the top three or four of the league, and the bottom line is at home.

  • They are 24 into, which is the best in the n B A.

  • So they function very well at times.

  • Horford has been the issue.

  • I hate the sight.

  • What, what, what?

  • Well, first of all, I don't think you're wrong.

  • I don't think you're wrong there.

  • From a player's perspective, we've got a pinpoint a player.

  • He's down one point a game in points per game.

  • One assist.

  • He was shooting 53% from the field last year, 52% something around there.

  • Now he's at 43%.

  • He should shot 36% from three last year, 32%.

  • He has definitely been an Achilles heel with their offense.

  • There's no doubt about it, But I think when we asked this kind of question, Max, what we're talking about, What has the more profound impact that I'm saying to you more than Horford's lackluster play?

  • It's the coaching of Brett Brown when it comes to dealing with his players.

  • For example, he came into the season telling Philadelphia media, Ben Simmons needs to attempt to shoot more perimeter shots.

  • Ben Simmons hasn't done that.

  • And so, you know, just ignoring your coach.

  • We looked at Ben, Joel, and B.

  • We said he owe you.

  • Lose Toronto in the postseason that Game seven.

  • We all know the famous shot back a while in it that about four times you walked to the locker were walking down the hallway.

  • You're crying into the arms of your girl, right in front of the world at cameras, clicking and everything like that.

  • And we say, Hey, you know what?

  • You will come back this year.

  • You don't go on playing lights out.

  • You're more focused.

  • Your first game back on that same court at 71 With the skill sets you have, you score zero points, you're down and points you down and rebounds.

  • You're still haphazard in terms of your durability.

  • You still have has it in terms of your level of production.

  • These are issues, and if you are a coach and the corner stones of your franchise are people that you do not have on the same page, you don't have them locked in and focused and ready to maximize their ability.

  • That's when you as a coach.

  • All right, look, that's a good point, but it takes a special coach.

  • All you shack is an example.

  • I'm not saying MBT Shack, but he's sort of the closest thing We have a really big actual center in the n b.

  • A big personality, the whole thing.

  • Siaka Penny ultimately didn't work out to the extent that they want a championship, but they were a dominant team 60 plus when Team they made the finals had Jordan not come back there that made the finals again, most likely they were around the same age and there was an ego issue.

  • They needed a coach to get that under control.

  • Shaq.

  • Kobe required Phil Jackson to make that work right, because they were also contemporary Brian.

  • It was over the want right shack.

  • Wade worked better because Shack was the elder statesman.

  • Wade was the young guy coming up, So the relationship there was there was a natural relationship that fit in better.

  • Even so, you had a great coach saying Brett Brown is not Phil Jackson or Pat Riley is fair, saying he's the problem is something else, unless what you mean by problem is not winning a championship.

  • He may not be the coach to win a championship with these players.

  • That's different in saying he's the problem.

  • Well, Maxie, you got Joel and be the Ben Simmons.

  • You got to be a top to see the least in conference.

  • You got to get to the conference finals.

  • There's just no excuse you.

  • The only excuse should be the Greek freaks standing in my way.

  • There should be no other excuse for the Philadelphia 76 is in the Eastern Conference, but we've got a bunch of thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.

Embiid and Simmons together their offensive rating.


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スティーブン・A: ジョエル・エンビードとベン・シモンズのチームがトップ2シードにならない言い訳はありません。 (Stephen A.: There's no excuse for a Joel Embiid-Ben Simmons team not to be a top-2 seed | First Take)

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