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  • Asian War.

  • Janowski joins us from Chicago, where David Griffin I called on the Human Rabbits foot earlier.

  • This guy's got a good luck charm he brought with him, and they're gonna lands I on and help me understand what his pitch will be because we all know Anthony Davis was done with the organization as they were constructed before.

  • But he's the new guy, and now you got Zion.

  • So the pitch will be what, moving forward.

  • The pitch as VP will be This and David Griffin and I were just talking about it minutes before the draft lottery.

  • It was give me a chance.

  • I helped build a champion in Cleveland.

  • I know what it looks like, and he wants the opportunity to not tell Anthony Davis what he's going to do but start showing them with the kind of hires he's making in medical training already renovations at their facility and then, most importantly, so far, winning the draft lottery getting Zion Williamson and the mindset of David Griffin in New Orleans right now is I'm trying to be Oklahoma City with Paul George.

  • I'm trying to be Toronto with Kawhi Leonard.

  • I just got here.

  • Uh, I'm in no rush to trade you.

  • We could.

  • They could take him conceivably all the way to the trade deadline in February before they lose him for nothing is a free agent.

  • I don't know that they've made a dent yet with Anthony Davis, but I'll give David Griffin this.

  • He is determined to keep him in New Orleans, and I respect the hell out of that because that would be my approach as well.

  • But if I may, Anthony Davis, I waas Zion and we won a title.

  • I was a number one pick to, and if he was hell bent to go before and I realized this just happened, so we can't possibly know the answers.

  • But is there still a chance?

  • Watch that.

  • He's like, Look, that's cool that the guys coming to town.

  • But I've still one abouts.

  • Yeah, it listen, it's very well how it could be.

  • I spoke with someone close toe Davis tonight, and he said the stance there hadn't changed, But there was a time Anthony Davis love playing in New Orleans.

  • He wanted toe win there.

  • He really did.

  • I want to make it work and I think there's an opportunity here for David Griffin.

  • Hey, is it one thing about Griff?

  • He can sell a vision, and his determination has been unmistakable since he got there.

  • He's got a lot of work left to do.

  • But what also helps the world tonight is the Lakers and the Knicks having now the third and fourth picks, respectively.

  • Those are the two teams Anthony Davis has has indicated he would sign extensions with if he got traded their right, and now both of those teams can offer pretty attractive packages.

  • The Knicks have two more first round picks from the Kristaps Porzingis deal.

  • So if if David Griffin and Gale Benson, the owner, don't get their wish and they're not able to keep him there in position now also, um, to make the trade for him but really jump start to rebuild with another franchise player coming in, Uh, Zion Williamson.

  • Last thing Uran information guy.

  • And you're a source guy and your peerless in that regard.

  • But Euroleague guy and you love the stories and all the things that surrounded with that said in that room tonight.

  • What's it like?

  • Like the pig paint the picture for me.

  • I had to be insanity in that room that that draft lottery night, you know, can sometimes be a little stale.

  • There's not always a lot of surprises, but this is what the MBA wanted.

  • Scott.

  • They they flattened out those percentages and the draft odds and what they wanted.

  • Teoh the message they want to give the n B A.

  • Teams stop tanking, stop chasing a lot of Ping Pong balls and chase winning.

  • And if that message wasn't sent through this year, that with the way they flatten those odds out the motivation to go out and not try to win in this league a lot of the air went out of that tonight.

  • This was exactly what the league owners what Adam Silver wanted to see, and it kind of felt like all hell broke loose in the league tonight.

  • That was a lot of fun.

  • That will be my messages.

  • Well, with one big thing I despise tanking in tonight.

  • Those teams that tank got 35 and six.

  • You could still get good players there, But you didn't get Zion, which, as always, great stuff appreciate your time and be well, thanks to Scott.

Asian War.


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