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  • was not the first official limit is the first game which your thoughts about coming in here to Atlanta tonight.

  • Inside it, we have our game uniforms for the first time and just looking to come out here.

  • Have fun, and I will try to get the win.

  • Big crowds aren't new to you, but can you kind of touched on seeing 10,000 of your fans in the saddle?

  • It was It was nice.

  • Uh, no, no, she was time out.

  • Her schedule to come to watch is in a long white screaming.

  • So we really appreciate that love and we'll get off season.

  • Alvin said that you're gonna be playing kind of a lot of position was basketballs.

  • Are you kind of open to playing five and not a back to the basket sort of way?

  • What kind of hoping to what situations?

  • Hoping to play out before he said a basketball player.

  • So I if I met the five, that's not that.

  • I mean, I'm gonna be posting up doing all this, just taking advantage in the mismatch.

  • What's what's the chemistry like between you and wants right now, uh, is great, because I know he's a great passer.

  • So when I make cuts like already know he sees me.

  • And when he made cuts, I see him.

  • We just feed off, Obviously.

  • Five preseason games, ready for when the games start counting.

  • What are you?

  • What are some of the things that you're gonna focus on over these games?

  • Learn my teammates in game decisions.

  • You would be like doing game on just tryingto find myself.

  • I'm a rookie.

  • I'm still trying to, like, find out hunger to work a Z your first NBA basket Or is that going to be or is that something is like, No, it doesn't really count until the regular season.

  • And what do you hope that that shot is?

  • Um, officially, I wouldn't count as my first basket County, Uh, hopefully against Toronto in our for his game, cause that's when the record size.

  • But these winds still do me son to me, and I'm not sure lose.

  • So come on here, fight for a win.

  • It's a lot to see Cam on the other side.

  • It is gonna be a little different.

  • Just a few months ago, we were on the same team.

  • Now we're both pros and just competing.

  • What sort of support family friends do you expect to have here tonight?

  • Um, Mom.

  • Dad?

  • No, on whatever do fans were in this area?

  • Spend any time playing at five.

  • I know.

  • When he got here, he talked about how he prefers to play three and 40 I think the way we play, you know, we almost played position with basketball, so it's not so much that he would be a five, but he may be in there with all similar sized players, so we'll take advantage of this.

  • Matches what we can do.

  • No situation.

  • So we're not gonna have him as a guy that's going to run down, put us back to the basket and Gordon all the time.

  • But I think he's gifted enough that you can play out on the floor.

  • He's a gifted bass, also trying situation from your young guys when you have 10,000 show up at your open practicing No, they come to see all of that.

  • And if they reach Oh, you know, I think number one, I think it's way people right outside way.

  • That's great.

  • I think those guys understand that you were in a marathon not a sprint.

  • So they're they're bright kids.

  • They really know the game.

  • They know that they've got a lot of work to do on, uh, you know, like in the scrimmage, there was things that do great.

  • There was a ah ha moments and then with other moments where it was, you know what?

  • You know what moments?

  • So I just think we've got to be patient enough to know that this is not anything that's gonna happen overnight.

  • That's very few guys.

  • No, 19 years old and come in and in practice, one in California that did it.

  • There's also not anybody like him people.

  • Parents already.

  • How do you How do you mitigate?

  • We're not doing that.

  • We're not doing that.

  • We're comparing Zion.

  • Zion with one Zion will be the best scythe.

  • Not anybody else.

  • You know that outside people are gonna compare him anyone.

  • We leave that up to you guys.

  • Okay?

  • We'll leave that up to you guys, but we're not comparing them to anybody.

  • We want him to be the best basketball player that he could become using his name and no comparison.

  • So I know that is inevitable.

  • That that's gonna be the case, but we're not drinking that Kool Aid.

  • We're just gonna were gonna make him the best player that we can make it.

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was not the first official limit is the first game which your thoughts about coming in here to Atlanta tonight.


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