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  • Kobe Bryant's back with his latest episode of Kobe detail.

  • But we're going straight to Kyrie Irving because the athletic is reporting that he is not opting into his $21.3 million option year for next season.

  • He will become a free agent, eligible to soon find a new contract.

  • He could sign with the Celtics, by the way, and actually get a little more money out of it.

  • Um, but he could also sign elsewhere.

  • Brian, Where is the best fit for him right now?

  • Well, it looks like he is focused on Brooklyn.

  • Brooklyn looked like they were focused on pairing him with Kevin Durant.

  • Um, and I think it's something that's going to really be a play out.

  • Over the next 7 to 10 days.

  • You might become more clear, but I will say that back in the fall, Kyrie said, I'm gonna be a Celtic.

  • I'm gonna have my number up there and changed his mind.

  • So it's very tenuous in this particular market.

  • But, um, Celtics didn't just say it to arena an arena full of fans, but then made a Nike commercial about it.

  • The Celtics are proceeding in talks with other teams like Kyrie is not going to be there.

  • That's interesting that they're still going to try to sign him.

  • And if they can make Ah deal even around the draft, that could potentially be more attractive that they can change their situation.

  • Kyrie, because they know the Kyrie can change his mind.

  • But the dialogue with the Celtics, they are pessimistic.

  • Do you think that he would change his mind again?

  • To me, I think the best fit for him is to team up with LeBron James.

  • Once again.

  • I feel that way.

  • Tell me why.

  • Because I think they have great on court chemistry.

  • We saw what happens when Curry is the focal point, the leader of a team.

  • At least when you play with LeBron James, you could deflect all that negative comments and the pressure is relieved.

  • Offer you?

  • He could just play basketball, being the role that he's a customer being in.

  • I had a great three year run and with Kevin Durant not been on Golden State next year, Kyrie and LeBron James teamed up together.

  • It's magical, okay, but to me there is a big difference.

  • Pete, look, this man had such a problem playing with LeBron that he asked off of the team, found out how hard it is to go and try to have your own team in Boston and it didn't work out.

  • Okay, right?

  • But don't you think he went from negative to neutral?

  • Do you think he's gone all the way back up?

  • Teoh.

  • I want to officially put myself back in the robin role, toe LeBron.

  • Why not?

  • They want a championship.

  • So I think Tracy is correct there on court.

  • Chemistry is awesome.

  • They might have, under different circumstances, be able to win three straight titles.

  • Had they not face the Durant Warriors, had Kyrie not gotten hurt.

  • They are.

  • It's probably the best teammate in terms of fit the bronze ever had.

  • They're off court.

  • Personalities are terrible.

  • I think they put that on and I think that because they because LeBron, I think LeBron would love to have him back.

  • Yes, but Kyrie has a ring and Kyrie has the prime of his career and I just don't think he's going that way.

  • So why would it be?

  • But But I agree with you, it would be in a vacuum, the best so we go back, We add Kyrie Urban to this team that they have right now.

  • LeBron James had him in the fourth spot before you got here before he got hurt.

  • Telling you what Golden State being vulnerable, Not having Kevin Durant on their team entering next year.

  • LeBron James and Catherine not saying you're wrong and that the two of them are oil and water.

  • Why don't you say Brooklyn is more in the driver's seat for Kyrie than the next?

  • That's the feel in the league right now because it's did it today.

  • It's June, and that's fair.

  • I mean, I can't I can't say on June 12 what it's gonna be on July 1st.

  • It's a different, certainly not with Carrier, which, by the way, is his prerogative.

  • He is an adult.

  • He was allowed to do whatever he wants with his life.

  • He has earned the way right to do that, not just in general, but specifically by the contracts of the N B.

  • A.

  • So he can change his mind as much as he wants.

Kobe Bryant's back with his latest episode of Kobe detail.


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