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  • You know what I'm gonna do?

  • I'm gonna start with that defensive play because I said shooter Shoot.

  • But shooters don't always show that much effort on the defensive end with the chase down block.

  • How significant was that given where Golden State was in the game?

  • Very significant.

  • I mean, every possession was key tonight, Not just myself.

  • Search.

  • Bring it back.

  • Why?

  • I kill everybody.

  • Did a great job.

  • We knew that was the key for us.

  • And that's where I hang my hat on that end and floor.

  • No, Offensively, I'll get some look, sometimes I won't.

  • But either way, I gotta play defense and bring energy.

  • So regardless of what was going on offense, I had to make sure I got back on defense.

  • Found my men.

  • I try to limit step much spots.

  • Will also we didn't do a great job.

  • We gotta do a better job next game.

  • But, you know, we had to get this one to take that home court.

  • But we still have a lot more work to do way.

  • We have a big task ahead of us.

  • That's a great looked at as you're describing it, we're seeing it.

  • It's like the namesake Raptors would imply, for one gonna be you.

  • Lowry's was right there trying to put it off the glass.

  • Now I was saying, Shooter, shoot.

  • That's the cliche, But it's true, and we know that the Eastern Conference finals wasn't your greatest shooting.

  • Seek Siri's.

  • But how do you describe sort of the level of confidence that you bring with you nightly in spite of whatever might be going on shots going in or not?

  • I have a good have the really give all the credit to my coaches and my teammates.

  • Do a great job occurred to me every day, every practice, every shot that I take, And I would say it's easier if you see one.

  • Go in.

  • Sure, but it's a new Siri's they step with.

  • Regardless, coach nurses step regardless.

  • Continue to encourage me and run someplace, and you call my number and no one is there.

  • I was able to set get a good rhythm.

  • We had some good movement and see if you go in, which helped build confidence.

  • Obviously, a big talking point for the remainder of this show and until you guys play again Friday is the fact that that plays out as as a group when you know he's not going.

  • I mean, it's easy for me to sit here and say You all said We have to have this game But how accurately would that describe the mindset?

  • You all had Wood, Clay and Durant both out.

  • I mean, the mindset is still saying we had to have this game regardless of their plan or not.

  • Well, gotta win games, the Finals.

  • You wanna win every game, you step on the floor.

  • But obviously with him being out, you got to take advantage of that time you take a minute of that game on.

  • Hopefully next is a quick turn around.

  • So, you know, we got one day of rest in between and Game four.

  • So we gotta take a vintage.

  • That one as well.

  • When the chairmanship, we got it.

  • Take a take a management against possible while they're not 100% healthy.

  • But obviously we want to play them hundreds help you want those guys want to take on that challenge?

  • We want to beat, you know the best.

  • But sometimes it doesn't happen that way.

  • Right now we have to take advantage.

  • You gotta win four games.

  • However you do what?

  • You gotta do it, Danny.

  • Congratulations on contributing in two more.

  • All right, Can.

  • Congrats on contributing in such a big way tonight on both ends.

  • And thanks so much for sitting down me on the show.

  • Right?

  • Thanks for having me now.

You know what I'm gonna do?


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