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  • last night.

  • The N B A awards were held about a month too late or whatever we'll take him.

  • And I would say there wasn't too many surprise.

  • No surprises, not too many surprises.

  • I think that the awards weren't giving out exactly to the people that you and I have felt deserved them.

  • But there were no surprises, and everyone that deserved the awards they got the M v P would be honest and to Campo.

  • Let's listen to his acceptance speech.

  • I don't think my dad, uh, obviously, you know, my dad is not sure with me, but 23 years is going.

  • You have to go in my head that I'm going.

  • I'm gonna be the best brains lead.

  • Do whatever it takes to help my team win on going there and everything I ever did I step on the floor was that motivates me and pushed me to play hard and move forward with the women.

  • Very sore, even human.

  • I don't feel like playing.

  • I was gonna show up and I was gonna do that.

  • I think I don't think my amazing about this.

  • No, I'm not.

  • You guys got a little dusty during the M v P.

  • Speech.

  • Watching that, what you think of the his speech in the acceptance and I was happy forum.

  • I was proud of him and it's really for me a graduation.

  • What I sought to MBA draft of young people getting a chance to achieve their dreams and shedding tears of joy.

  • But also other young people have a heavy hearts like Johannes did, and talked about how that motivated them to not only get to this position, but what continues to drive him so many times we look at the end result and people don't necessarily pay attention to the turbulence in the journey of successful people.

  • And would, he described, a lot of people have to deal with that loss of parents.

  • You know, people at the draft, We're talking about family members that they lost.

  • And so for him to be able to endure, have a level of discipline and focus and still play the game that he loves and do it at a high level.

  • It was great to see him except the M.

  • V P Award.

  • I'm glad you brought up his journey because his journey wasn't like a lot of people that traditionally end up in the MBA.

  • I mean, he's an overseas person and he's relatively new to the game of basketball, and we've got some evidence of that.

  • This is an interview from six years ago, six years ago.

  • Let's listen to you.

  • Listen to compose young man.

  • Can you tell us your name?

  • My name is how When were you born?

  • I was born for what club do you play for?

  • What kind of basketball player are you?

  • I'm around there.

  • I jump shoot Possible.

  • What is your goal for your career?

  • Only be being I want to be an MBA player.

  • He also said in the interview, I'm learning the basics of basketball six years ago.

  • Learning the basic basketball now is the best player in the n b A and, well, deserved.

  • I voted for James Harden, but I knew you honest would win out based on all of what he was able to accomplish, dominant in particular in the paint, layups and dunks at a clip that we hadn't seen since Shaquille o Neal.

  • And just look at how different their body types are.

  • Yeah, both their seven footers just show you how the game has changed so very much, and he competes on every possession.

  • I know that he wanted to go further in the playoffs, but Milwaukee had a breakout season.

  • He was a breakout player, and I like the fact that he continues to add to his game.

  • Next is gonna be some sort of turnaround jumper on the post.

  • Some sort of jump hook down low continued to approve his three point shot, but as long as the books have Johannes, they're going to be a force in the East.

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last night.


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