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  • Bobby.

  • What can the Lakers not doing free agency with this move?

  • Well, I think a lot of it won't depend on the timing of it.

  • Now.

  • If the Lakers and both sides will have to agree on this, if they agree to wait 30 days, that would take you to July 30th.

  • Sign that first round pick, which is fourth pick.

  • Um, you know, then the Lakers will have, you know, be able to add a Max player at 32 a half $1,000,000.

  • But that would take some cooperation from New Orleans if they do do the trade on July 6, when it could be finalized.

  • In that cap, space gets that shrinks down to about $27 million possibly even less.

  • Remember, Anthony Davis has a 15% trade bonus in his contract worth $4 million that cap space would would go down to $23 million.

  • And I think as we've watched this roster last year, now it's the high.

  • There is a priority to put shooting around anti Davis in LeBron James, but two different scenarios, but it will take some cooperations from the pelicans here you spent over 20 years in an N B.

  • A front office.

  • Take a look at this hall and tell me what you think.

  • Presumably drafting Xai on Thursday night, you got the Great Drew holiday.

  • Lonzo Ball.

  • Brandon Ingram.

  • Yes, with the blood clots.

  • Josh Hart in a trio of first round picks, including the number four pick Thursday night when the draft airs on ESPN from one front office man to another.

  • If you take a look at what David Griffin was able to acquire, you think what?

  • Ah, that he did a lot better than Denver did in 2011 when they acquired Carmelo Anthony from New York and Massage Area was the GM at the time, and that was considered a hall.

  • Now I think a lot of it will depend on certainly the health of Ingram in Lonzo Ball.

  • But you get to score young starters who have potential to be All stars.

  • Ah, fourth pick in a draft that you keep her keep or move elsewhere, and then to future first round picks.

  • I think I think David Griffin, let me ask you one more here from the Lakers perspective, just from your front office experience and the perceptions of the league.

  • A month ago, the Lakers were run by an incompetent front office with a resigned legend as team president and a puppet head coach.

  • That's what all the experts in the pundits were saying.

  • Now they've got Anthony Davis with the ability to doom.

  • Or can you just kind of talk about the way Sometimes perceptions and emotions can swing in this league virtually second by second alive?

  • This is a league of knee jerk reactions, right?

  • So I think if you are in the Lakers, you looked at what just happened in Golden State with Kevin Durant and Clay Thompson likely out most of probably, if not all, next year.

  • And you see the Western Conference wide open and that you likely we're not going to be a major player come free agency.

  • And here was your one opportunity to go out and get an All Star and Anthony Davis, and it cost you significantly.

  • It costs you similar to what you probably had to give up back at the trade deadline, and that was basically everyone.

  • But at least you were able to hold on to college.

  • Who's in here?

  • That's a great point because Cosmo was a guy that the Lakers wanted to hang on to, and they were able to certainly do that.

  • Where do you think?

  • From what you hear around league circles, if we goes I on holiday ball?

  • Ingram heart having two of the 1st 4 picks?

  • Where did they look at for pick number four from the people around the league that you talk to knowing this could be an instant impact starter for them?

  • Well, you we know where the top three is gonna be with dying in, um Jammer and in R.

  • J.

  • Barrett.

  • So now they'll have a pick up out of a players like DeAndre Hunter from Virginia, who is probably the best defender in the draft.

  • You know, 67 wing Darius Garland, who is more of a project that guard Jericho over from from Texas.

  • Attack is another, another wing here, and I think that's why I think that's what we saw.

  • This deal got agreed upon on a late Saturday afternoon is because now David Griffin and his group have five days figure out what they want to do here.

  • Now, Bobby for the pelicans.

  • What is this new corps of young guys mean for the future in that franchise?

  • Well, they've got two players Ingram and ball on ball that are uncontrollable.

  • Contract is either not players on, although Ingram's on expiring, he will be a restricted free agent next year.

  • But I think a zonas these two players can stay healthy and you still have through holiday.

  • Now, with dying and what they do it for.

  • I think you could make an argument that this is not a rebuilt that David Griffin was was able to do similar to what the Clippers have been doing was retooling.

  • And that in this league is really hard to do.

  • And I think, you know, I think he's accomplished that, you know, with the straight.



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