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  • two big runs to start the third by your team in the fourth quarter when they pulled with three that something big had to get that thing going on the shirt.

  • When the maintain keep with that for this, Um, that's how we want.

  • Honestly, those runs refused for us.

  • I've been in situations where we needed runs like that.

  • It is very typical in the n b a where teams go on runs s So we had to go out there swinging in the third or fourth period.

  • Self had some big baskets, especially during that time in the third.

  • Would be looking to try to make things happen, either with shots or try to drive the best make.

  • Please.

  • Did you see that process?

  • It, uh, just taking my time.

  • I'm not forcing anything getting to room, uh, using my touch.

  • Almost get to the rim that Will you really attacking the basket?

  • Feel pretty distinct advantage in that department, Josh.

  • Coach really gave contributed to you Campus struggles like this game.

  • He said you didn't really praise you for your defensive work.

  • How were you able to really lock him up and be able to say a mom, uh, trying to use my size advantage if you're starting him.

  • So using my left on all of his shots, trying to just get my hands around into us into his vision.

  • You know, it's never easy to shoot over there, and he's one of the best players in the league, and you just try and make it tough on If you guys as a unit were just a little bit out of sync, especially in the first quarter.

  • Is that just attributed to a starting lineup only played two games together in the preseason?

  • It is just a matter, I think, just the first game jitters.

  • Everybody's a little bit nervous.

  • Everybody's excited to play be out there.

  • It's a lot of different in the light lights.

  • Come on, everybody's watching.

  • It was louder communications a lot harder, but I'm happy with what the team did tonight.

  • I think everybody defensively was solid.

  • Everybody stay together.

  • Everyone was playing physical ball down low and I know you guys would like more shots going as a whole is that physicality of both ends.

  • You guys have been imposed on them kind of the blueprint for what you guys are trying to do?

  • Definitely.

  • I think that's that's who we want to be known as physical team.

  • I'm gonna start on defense.

  • And that's why we have guys like Jay Rich now, Joe, um, who could gather and play device has really been stepping up.

  • Easier to play on offensive.

  • Take more risks when you have that ability on the defensive end.

  • Yeah, definitely.

  • I mean, no.

  • If you miss a shot, you know, you got guys who are coming out of the other in the court, you know, sitting on to get a stop on, uh, it makes makes the office a lot more free when you're not taking the ball out of the net every time down.

  • A lot of guys that made something that kind of jail able jealous did after that.

  • First, I think I think the second half, you know, a lot of all the extra stuff for the game kind of left.

  • It was just basketball at that point, you know, guys were attacking the paint and that makes it tough on him.

  • It is easier to play inside out.

  • It opens up with other looks because you got guys who they got a double Who are going to draw help every time down the court, just basketball and make it impact early for this?

  • Yeah, way dough.

  • We don't have just We have a lot of different guys.

  • I can contribute in different ways.

  • So I was just really attacking, finding my spots in office.

  • But gosh, making it easy, really.

  • So it's just playing a physical game really more What?

  • That according a few minutes in.

  • And then that celebration with crowd after.

  • Yeah, I guess you could call it that.

  • I think they appreciate it.

  • Could you feel them getting frustrated and along me And it seemed like there are no Did you sense that way to make it tough on every every trip down?

  • You know, they have a lot of talented guys try and trying to make sure they have tough shots, and I think everybody did a solid job of that.

  • Matisse made a lot of great plays on Kemba on.

  • He was great out there for his first game.

  • Frustrate you so much, you don't know because there's a reason.

  • I mean, I'm skilled, I'm gifted, so I think you know, I'm pretty good at what I do e things.

  • I got to get better.

  • Everybody knows that in the room.

  • So this is shooting, but I'm working.

  • So what is justice?

  • Because this was your first game of the six year in front of this crab.

  • Just what was tonight in the crowd experience?

  • It was kind of like a playoff atmosphere already.

  • You know, just there are times that was great and so assumes the game started.

  • It was like is ready to fall from the jump.

  • But, uh, not atmosphere was great.

  • And, you know, we're gonna play the way we know how to.

  • I think we got you know, 17 guys who contribute who are tough players who are hard, those players.

  • And, you know, that's really that they appreciate that.

  • Thanks so much for watching ESPN on YouTube from, or sports analysis and highlights.

two big runs to start the third by your team in the fourth quarter when they pulled with three that something big had to get that thing going on the shirt.


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