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  • when it comes to me and James putting together who's gonna have the ball was not going to have the ball.

  • It really doesn't matter.

  • Um, there's no I don't have to prove to score 30 points out.

  • I've done that before.

  • I have to prove Tavist in.

  • It says I've done that before.

  • I don't have to prove Teoh get 10 11 rebounds.

  • I've done that before.

  • My goal is to win a championship, so whatever it takes to be able to do that, that's going to do.

  • B.

  • S a real talk, guys for most of Westbrook.

  • Oh, what about you?

  • Oh, wow.

  • You know, you know what?

  • I'm switching.

  • That's because I, like you, said about Kyrie.

  • I believe he believes that, right?

  • I believe he's like Go is not about statistical and meta like what I'm saying.

  • He doesn't he He's averaged three straight years of a triple double.

  • He's won an M V p.

  • He's done all of these things.

  • So if the of a man's going to sit on a podium and very new in a new city for the first time and say, Hey, this is not about numbers, it's not about accolades This is all about trying to win a championship.

  • I'm going to believe them until I see something different.

  • He's right that he doesn't have to prove that he could score 30 and get triple doubles and all that.

  • What he does have to prove is that he can play off the ball because he's playing with the most ball dominant guy in the N B A.

  • But do you really want him to be the one off the ball?

  • Someone is gonna.

  • James Harden is gonna have the ball a lot.

  • James Harden is gonna have the ball more than Russell Westbrook, and he should, because he's better with it.

  • And so Russell Westbrook is gonna have to prove he can contribute off.

  • The ball is going to prove he can dialling on defense because he's not going to have the entire burden of an offense on it anymore.

  • So I do think it is something to prove and you know what?

  • I think you can do it.

  • I think he's skilled enough and explosive enough and still athletic enough to do it, and that's where I I disagree a little bit.

  • I think Russell needs to be on the ball for the 1st 3/4 We talked about this earlier because I think he's such a great assist man.

  • And I think James needs to learn how to be a shooter and get a pass and then create a move versus Isil is at the top of the key, that style of basketball.

  • You know, we talked about shooting right, not winning championships until the Golden State Warriors changed everything.

  • That that brand of isil basketball at the top of the key has yet to be, you know, proven that it can win a championship.

  • So I think a fast pace and then kicking it to James.

  • I think that is probably a better way for them.

  • But I do believe him when he says I'm not worried about the individual stuff and the numbers is much because I do think one of the things that's present for us that he wants to prove is that he can win with another big star that we saw that they weren't able to complete it and win a chip when he and Kevin Durant were together and then Katie decides to leave him and it was very personal.

  • Clearly from the way Russ reacted to it.

  • He and Paul George had a much better sort of working relationship, and they parted on good terms.

  • But look, they didn't win together, either.

  • They didn't get out of the first round, so I know that it is important to him to prove that he can get this done with another star player like James Harden.

  • I'm interested to see how that all works out.

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when it comes to me and James putting together who's gonna have the ball was not going to have the ball.


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