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  • Whoa!

  • I don't know what's going to happen.

  • I have one year here, so I'm gonna make the best of this year, said Anthony Davis, the Rachel Nickels.

  • Let's listen to the brow explain.

  • You think you will be a pillar of the Lakers for years and years to come?

  • Um, honestly, Rachel, I'm just focus on this season.

  • I don't I don't know what's gonna happen.

  • Have one year here, So I'm gonna make the best of this year.

  • And when that time comes around and summer or whenever season's over, hopefully it around mid June.

  • You know, after we just had this parade and, you know, I need a couple days to think, you know, damn, we can, you know, talk about that Pablo Museum ditch in L.

  • A.

  • After a year, I don't and it's funny to contemplate this now, after he's given every signal that a he's really in on entertainment in Hollywood and be he's really in on this team, going all in on him.

  • Being a long term Laker, However, what do you need?

  • If you're Anthony Davis and LeBron James and clutch, you still want to maintain power and leverage over your employer and this is one way to do it to remind Rob Pelinka, your job is not over yet.

  • Even if they're not doing that, which I do think that they are doing, even if they're not doing it.

  • What's the gain of saying this now?

  • There's no telling what happens in the interim.

  • There's even like the slightly off chance that you say, I want to stay here forever and they're like now we'd actually rather that you leave like there's no good look in that one.

  • I do think he wants to stay there for a long time.

  • For all the reasons he wanted to go there in the first place.

  • The fact that everybody said if it happened in free agency, he would wind up going there at all.

  • We all know that.

  • But if your his agent you can't just go in there throwing it all around there willy nilly, you need to let them know it, act like you might not want to, that's all.

  • Yeah, and Anthony Davis could have done Rob Pelinka the courtesy of lying about this supposed that he could have been like Kyrie Irving and said, Nope, I am here the Lakers air my home we're gonna build from there.

  • But he did not drop link of that favor, and it's telling, right you mentioned Anthony Davis's agent, Rob Pelinka, is himself a former agent, and they all know exactly how Ralph Kalinka operates.

  • Anthony Names was telling Rachel that drop.

  • Lincoln was calling him, like every 30 45 minutes during free agency, checking in on what he wanted a very agency thing to do.

  • And that's ways to get him, even Mawr in your pocket.

  • But also like when you say in talking about this, just how did the idea that maybe, just maybe, he could leave?

  • I'm trying to think what it would take.

  • What would it take for Anthony Davis to look at the Lakers and be like, No, actually, I'm not going to stay here because I mean, for what it's worth, we thought Dwight Howard would be guaranteed to stick around there to Heat has had the Kobe problem.

  • What could possibly happen to make Anthony Davis aside?

  • He wants to go somewhere else.

  • It's a fair question, but this is the franchise.

  • They just had Magic Johnson give a press conference that was truly unimaginable in which he went and left the organization because of back stabbing.

  • What if Phil Jackson were to emerge from the scenes in the background and be like, You know what?

  • I actually have a lot more power than LeBron James might have thought that make Anthony Davis leave.

  • I think you got to question well.

  • Anthony Davis and LeBron James are kind of thanks so much for watching ESPN on YouTube from or sports analysis and highlights download the ESPN app and for live streaming and premium content, subscribed to ESPN plus.



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