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  • all right.

  • Our League League pass game of the night is calves at Spurs Fans.

  • Week passed came tonight.

  • Back to back days.

  • It's are only option.

  • Available, by the way, with Justin Storyline is the question marks surrounding the future of Kevin Love and DEMAR DeRozan Brian.

  • Which of these two players is more likely to get traded this year?

  • I don't even know if Leslie played in back to back.

  • Um, the cows are ready to trade Kevin Love.

  • So you think it was gonna be him?

  • But he's the harder player to trade, right?

  • The Spurs DeRozan, who can opt out of his contract is amore Easy trailer player to move right, But the Spurs haven't shown in declination.

  • At least we don't know about it that they want to move him.

  • So it's a complex issue.

  • I suppose I would say that the Roses easier player to trade.

  • The funny thing Scotty is if you look at the Spurs record, you look all that having a terrible season when you look at the standings, their right there in the playoff hunt so I can see why they're a little shy on pulling the trigger on training with DeRozan.

  • If you view the Spurs, do you think they should hold on to him and say their season gonna get turned around?

  • Or should they just try toe make a change based on the Spurs style?

  • I like them holding onto Rosen.

  • I think they're the team.

  • That's still what they get in the playoff.

  • They're very scary team.

  • Popovich has always got something up his sleeve, so I would like to see him.

  • I think Kevin love.

  • It's a guy that I probably can go somewhere in Savage, something out of this season for my individual stand.

  • If Kevin was sitting here right now, he'd he'd vote for himself because of the way he's playing right now.

  • You don't want to be, you know, this is lost.

  • Even close out.

  • There was a play.

  • I want to say it was last night where he just took the three second violation.

  • He like on purpose because he was open.

  • I was against Philly, He's open, he's calling for the ball and none of his guards confined them and said, You know what?

  • We're just gonna take the three second violation.

  • Well, I gotta tell you this funny story back when we were young and this was early Michael Jordan days.

  • When he come down, he was wagging tongue and horse would be standing in the lane.

  • Michael would passing the ball, he said, I'm just getting three seconds.

  • That's awesome that I give what Kevin loves doing playing with young guys.

  • You got to get, you know, you got a big of the vet, the ball.

  • Bryant, What changed really quickly got 30 seconds, unless what change from two months ago in this at all of Kevin's here forever.

  • I don't think he meant that neither.

  • I think he was being.

  • I think he was willing to put on a good face.

  • Now.

  • I don't think he's put on a good face, although I recommend to him put on a good face and a better effort to making yourself to get trained.

  • Well, you gotta put on a good face when you're making that kind of money.

  • That's a good point.

  • Actually, Don't do anything.

  • You making that kind of money because it still clears lady gym and thank you to Brian and Scotty for joining me.

  • Thank you too.

  • Nick DePaula Jump is live from Miami tomorrow I'm gonna be there.

  • We're gonna drink mai tais and all times.

  • Cocktails.

  • Make sure you tune in.

  • Thanks so much for watching ESPN on YouTube from or sports analysis and highlights.

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all right.


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