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  • one thing.

  • The Oklahoma City has lots and lots of picks.

  • Let's just take a look at what they have before they move.

  • Chris Paul, look at this, right?

  • They got things going up.

  • They got those Houston picks that you see on there with Chris, Paul, Jalen with all of these picks and maybe even more picks, what is Sam Presti stategy in a little while?

  • His strategy.

  • ISS lightweight.

  • Tanking.

  • Oh no, that's heavyweight tanking their tank.

  • No, this is why I say lightly because it's being sold publicly, almost like they were doing PG A favor by trading him to the Clippers.

  • Didn't have trade him.

  • They're doing Russ a favor because he really wanted to play with James.

  • Hart didn't have to trade Russ, either by trading him to the Rockets.

  • Well, I see from Oklahoma City is and ownership that initially didn't want to go into the luxury tax look at those two contracts and Steven Adams and said We're not the favorite last year.

  • Next year.

  • Let's not pay any luxury tanks.

  • Also, that's what I see.

  • They have a lot of money tied up in those three players for a lot of money When Paul George was in the office and says I demand a trade, they have the option to say, Mr George, I understand that That's your wish.

  • We have a piece paper here with your name on it.

  • This is your play here for three more years.

  • That's how it's gonna play out.

  • They could say that.

  • David Darling Jacoby.

  • Did you just tell me how many picks they acquire between now and 2026?

  • And we haven't even talked about picks They would get back for trading Crisp.

  • OK, so either Sam Presti, who, by the way is one of the best at doing his job, knows he's gonna be there for a long time, along with Billy Donovan or at the acquiesce of ownership.

  • Get from under those deals and get us picks because for everybody that celebrates picks and I do, too, I'm not a fool.

  • I understand that your kids win the second round.

  • So that Draymond Green and Manu Ginobili Tony Parker with late in the first round.

  • I know that they're out there.

  • But here's what I'll tell you those late first round picks did.

  • They're going to get from the Rockets from the Nuggets and from the Clippers are gonna be after 25.

  • In the last four years, there has not been a player make the All Star team.

  • Other probably didn't drain mind Green and Yokich that went past 25 in the draft.

  • The first time A Guy's May M v p.

  • That was 15th pick Steve Nash and the Greek free, so you can get some great quality players late.

  • But this idea that they got so many picks, it was all gonna turn to start.

  • It is going to turn into Kevin Durant.

  • Russell Westbrook of Paul George.

  • I want to put the brakes on that now.

  • Sam Presti does have the flexibility of now.

  • Take a hiss pick and Clippers pick and the Rockets pick and parlaying that into a lottery pick course for and Sue a terrific player.

  • And they got SG A.

  • Let's not sleep on that.

  • Like he's he's a developing young star, but I'm gonna warn you.

  • We talked about a team doing this before.

  • The Boston Celtics isn't, and they held on to those assets so very long that they didn't get a d.

  • They didn't get quiet when they could have, and they lost Kyrie for nothing.

  • So we just have to see how it plays out for the Oklahoma City.

  • Done.

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one thing.


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