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  • Congratulations on a significant contribution, man.

  • The time came for those shots.

  • You were You were ready for the moment, Rose to the occasion.

  • How did that Tim just describe that third quarter avalanche?

  • How did it all come together from your vantage point is getting stops.

  • I thought we started the second half the way we're supposed to just getting stops, letting our defense dictator offense, obviously where talented, Essentially.

  • But, you know, you take a lot of pride defensively, so I thought we got stops and, you know, we got some shots to go in.

  • And no guy.

  • Everybody going when you all as a team are so familiar with these moments and absorbing other teams runs and then delivering your own in that second quarter buildings on fire, you all are down 12.

  • Which coats occurs Message to you all as a group.

  • Whether the storm weather the storm.

  • I thought, you know, we were there.

  • Storm the way we were supposed to, we closed the second quarter out the right way.

  • Has some momentum going to the second half.

  • And, you know, we've been in this situation before at all aspects of the season and every level with playoff.

  • So guys have no panic in there.

  • And our leaders do a great job just keeping everybody composed.

  • And, like I said earlier, that there 1/4 really started, are you running for the win tonight?

  • Whether it's boogie coming back from an injury and delivering whether it's Bo, get off the bench?

  • What?

  • I believe it was three alley oops, whether it's you next, man up so cliche in sports.

  • But all of the guys who were the next guys up for you delivered for you personally, those shots delivering the way you did, the satisfaction you feel in a moment sitting here right now is what I'm great.

  • Obviously, you know, toe win in the finals is definitely especially here to get one here.

  • Go back on.

  • Our Oakland one is definitely big.

  • Definitely changes things in Siris, but obviously it's a long Siri's left.

  • So to get this win, it was amazing.

  • Obviously, everybody stepping up makes it even better.

  • And with guys out, clay get hurt, get banged up long, getting banged up, case still out.

  • You guys have to step up and we always have our brothers back.

  • So no, guys, I don't have confidence in this all season.

  • We have confidence in each other in ourselves and paid off tonight.

  • Well, I know what you know, and that's when the time comes.

  • The D M.

  • V is ready to stand up.

  • And I said, You're doing your thing, man.

  • Congratulations on delivering a big way and making those big shots.

  • And thanks for sitting down with us here on the show.

  • Quick.

  • Appreciate it.

  • Thanks for having no doubt.

Congratulations on a significant contribution, man.


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