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  • time now for the latest.

  • Someone will bring my favorite shows as the king's time.

  • But this time we have a true plot twist.

  • After starting the season No.

  • 15 the Kings of Sacramento have won five of the last seven matches, including yesterday's about against the Celtics of Boston.

  • That's about two of those home players.

  • Mr Bagley and Mr Fox also worth pointing out one of their losses down to the wild loss to the Lakers.

  • Zack.

  • What's taking no defensively?

  • They've played well after playing horribly for the 1st 3 games of this season, and, you know, shockingly enough games went by.

  • Body heals started making shots.

  • Bay leads to start making shots, guys that we're just missing.

  • But publishing like 20% from three when they were Oh, in five.

  • They're making shots.

  • They have a lot of even without Fox in Bagley.

  • They have a lot of decent MBA players.

  • They should be a tough out every single night.

  • They're playing well.

  • I'm happy for him, but we learned in the World Cup how good.

  • But Bogdanovich is right, and in that game against the Lakers mean he kept them in in that second half.

  • He has an incredible shot making ability where you can play great defense on him, but he can still get three off.

  • And I think they had 16 threes against the Lakers at 14 threes against the Celtics.

  • So when they shoot like that, they're gonna be in any game.

  • Yeah, it's a make or miss league, and during this stretch, they have been the best, you know, second best three point shooting team in the n B A.

  • So that's going to help you.

  • Where Sean Holmes has been huge for them stabilizing.

  • The center's been really good, all right, And then we go look at the numbers right there.

  • October.

  • Not so good.

  • Frightful November.

  • Looking up like five to November after only five start.

  • Do you guys expect us to continue?

  • Well, Bogdanovich's to me is the guy that seems to be elevating his level on what he plays consistently like that.

  • Then I think they go.

  • But that also is an interesting decision for them going forward because they chose not to extend well, and they when Fox comes back, they've been hesitant at times to play Fox, yielding Bogdanovich together because their defense is suffer, but those are three of your five best players for shore.

  • Um, I was there.

  • Oh, and five start was one of the truly befuddling things that happened in the embassy's night.

  • I thought 39 wins last season.

  • If they could approach that again, that's a successful season.

  • I thought they would get around that the high thirties, not make the playoffs.

  • We could close for them to come out looking so clueless, and it was just It was baffling, like I just didn't understand what to make of it.

  • And let's talk about it, though.

  • Every game matters in the West, because if you think about a team like the Kings, they wanted to be in the playoffs last year.

  • This was a year that we expected them to sort of be there, and they're not there.

  • A lot of teams that were in the playoffs, like the Lakers that got better.

  • You can even talk about the Dallas Mavericks, so every game really matters.

  • Every game matters here that ladies away these games on.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.

time now for the latest.


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