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  • We will start with the Clippers, who for now are called the Clippers.

  • But they plan to move into a futuristic new arena in 2025 they might overhaul the team's aesthetic new logo, new colors, even a new nickname.

  • We have a once in a lifetime chance to step, really step our identity up another level, owner Steve Balmer says.

  • Pablo, how do you feel about the Clippers by another name?

  • There's still the Clippers, and for me, it's not so much about a name in any of this is about the product.

  • The Lakers are the Lakers.

  • There are no lakes anywhere in Los Angeles.

  • They have a history, were on a show that is called High Noon.

  • It's not noon right now where we are.

  • However, What Steve Balmer wants to do, it seems, is hit a hard reset on this organization because he has the power to do so and because he has lots of new ambitions.

  • And so, if that's part of the plan, I do get it on that basic level.

  • But what's that going to accomplish if they do like the time to wash the Clipper this off of the Clippers?

  • was 2014.

  • If you were going to do that, do that.

  • When you bought the team, you were getting Donald Sterling out of there.

  • They have reached a point now, where Clippers is not associated with being terrible, where Clippers is not associate it with being the most embarrassing franchise in the MBA, so they could wind up changing the name and doing something else.

  • But I feel like most of the heavy lifting has been accomplished, especially considering this.

  • They built this team to win a championship, Really, in the course of the next two or three years, if they win that as the Clippers, you're not changing the name.

  • That's the port that matters here is about what is going on with basketball.

  • As you said, I don't think they can possibly change the name if they win a championship.

  • But then again, I also thought if Kawhi Leonard won a championship in Toronto, maybe he would not go anywhere else.

  • I do feel like this is a team, not the same, but I do feel like this is a team that looks at precedent and says, Why do we have to follow that in general?

  • But I do think there's also a danger here, right?

  • A danger in What is the next name gonna even be?

  • Because for all of these stink associated historically with the Clippers, Beaumont Clippers right now it works.

  • It's fine.

  • People get it.

  • Like I think the focus group experiment might actually lead to something, perhaps even more humiliating.

  • Yeah, but I mean, their name has never been a problem.

  • The problem has never been being called the Clippers.

  • The problem when it was a problem was that you were the Clippers.

  • You are not the Clippers anymore.

  • Okay?

  • Also worth noting Steve Balmer, you look up his wiki pages time Your Microsoft doesn't have the greatest track record and try to take a business in a whole different direction, right?

  • Just something worth considering here.

  • But now they've already done the hard work here, and I think that's actually far more amazing than people give the credit for being like.

  • We now have a generation of players who grew up and live long enough with halfway decent clippers that they don't find it embarrassing to go sign up and play for them.

  • That is a drastic change directly related to Chris Paul and Doc Rivers and Blake Griffin like those three guys changed this getting changed this game up.

  • You can let this right now.

  • If you want to change that logo that they've got right there on the wall, you go ahead and do that.

  • It's about time for that like that that does not really need to be here.

  • I was gonna say people buy lots of jerseys because of designs, but no one really buys.

  • And based on the name Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.

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We will start with the Clippers, who for now are called the Clippers.


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クリッパーズがチーム名とロゴを変更するのは良いアイデア?| ハイ・ヌーン|ハイ・ヌーン (Is it a good idea for Clippers to change team name and logo? | High Noon)

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