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hats off the Golden State.
There, they've shown how how good they are.
Championship pedigree.
Um, we played them three really good games and couldn't get over the hump, but I think it was more of a demonstration of of how good they are and how good they've been over the years.
And they find ways to win.
So, uh, disappoint loss.
But it was for me.
It was an outstanding season with the guys in the locker room are special, and it's been a special season.
It's always tough to lose the last game of the year, but I couldn't be more proud of the group that we've had.
Carrie Eggers, Portland Tribune and Terry.
You got another great performance from Meyers Leonard and I talk a little bit about that, uh, again, He the first half was was outstanding 25 points, and he's playing with a lot of confidence, certainly had an impact on the game, much like Game three, and has again.
We need him.
He played well and I'm happy for him.
Terry Mark Schwarz, ESPN.
Your group has shown so much toughness and fight against adversity all season long, including the last three games when you mentioned championship pedigree.
What about that championship pedigree?
Did you see that Helped them overcome these double digit deficits in the second half Every time?
Well, they have a confidence about him there.
They feel like they're never out of a game.
Um, and they have the experience and they've done it before.
So I mean, Draymond Green hitting a three.
I mean, that's he dreamin.
Carried him in Game three last game, you know, with his with his energy and his spirit.
Defensively, they're experienced.
They know how to make things difficult for, uh, for opponents.
They help.
They help each other.
They pass.
They trust each other.
Um, I think it's when they have been rewarded.
Year after year after year.
With that style of play, there's a reason to trust it back.
Yes, Jamie Goldberg with The Oregonian.
Terry Damian Lillard obviously was playing through an injury through the Siri's, but, um, the game he had tonight, what does it mean for you to see the way he was able to play in this game to try toe get you guys past wars?
Um, upset?
Many times, Damien's not only is a special player, but a special person and, um, he's a great competitor, Er and he hates to lose and wants to do whatever it takes to win a game.
And I think the way he competed tonight was a demonstration of that.
But Dwight Jaynes, NBC Sports Northwest Terry, What about this playoff run is going to help you guys moving forward saying next year, What are you gonna take away from this?
Do you think, Um, I think it's more.
It's more than just the playoff run, You know, I think the fact that we had a very good regular season, we the fact that we were able to win to Siri's were very competitive in this Siri's, even though it was a sweep, it was we played competitively.
But I think that's a long way away from now.
Uh, I think when that time comes will be able to reflect.
I think it's a little too early toe to look at how this Siri's helps us right now.
Right now, it kind stings.
Kevin pelton ESPN dot com Would Dame put up that final shot?
Did you think it was going to be another miracle?
Uh, yeah, I did.
I thought um I thought it was gonna kind of meant to be, but you know when?
When he when he shot it, had good art.
Um, yeah.
I thought I had a chance.
Carrie acres again.
Terry would 3.3 seconds.
What kind of play did you want?
What did you drop?
What we had another time.
I mean, that was Damon CJ come off curls that they switched it.
Myers could slip down the lane.
You know, getting game.
The ball over there is was the first look.
And if they screwed up a switch, maybe we get Myers going down the lane.
All right.
Thank you.


Damian Lillard’s last-second shot attempt was ‘meant to be’ - Terry Stotts | 2019 NBA Playoffs

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