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  • Kyrie Irving was seen shopping in Los Angeles.

  • Today you have said that Kyrie is quote mawr open unquote to joining the Lakers than he has been.

  • What has changed in that?

  • Brian?

  • I think his experience away from LeBron James taught him how important it is to be around a player like LeBron.

  • So I think that the door is unlocked.

  • That said, from everything I understand.

  • Kyra's relationship with Kevin Durant has never been stronger.

  • And while he's repaired and reopened his relationship with LeBron, I think if you want to know where Kyrie is going to go, watch Kevin Durant.

  • But the Lakers may have a chance to get a meeting, and LeBron may have a chance to make a pitch.

  • And that's way for the along than they were 45 months ago.

  • Bryant, more importantly than Kyrie Highwood LeBron feel having gotten sick and tired of Kyrie once before and not all that long ago.

  • How would he feel what he want to play with Kyrie again?

  • Well, Michael, have you seen the Lakers roster at the battle thinking LeBron's in position to be too picky?

  • He is been.

  • From what I understand, he has already begun the recruiting process he is.

  • I've heard he has had contact with Kawai.

  • Leonard.

  • I've heard, he said.

  • Contact with Jimmy Butler.

  • There's no tampering enforcement by players.

  • And while Magic Johnson, the guy who got in trouble for tampering before, is no longer there, LeBron is tamper in chief of the Lakers Right now.

  • The thing about it is, is I don't know if you know texts and calls, and maybe a dinner with LeBron is enough for the Lakers to overcome their hurdles that they're gonna have.

  • And so I just don't think the Lakers can be choosy.

  • In fact, to be honest with you guys, I think the Lakers really have to look at the trade market.

  • How willing were they be to move that number four pick?

  • Would they be willing to make an offer for Bradley Beal?

  • Would they be building to make an offer for a guy like DEMAR?

  • DeRozan possibly could be on the trade block, depending on whether the Spurs want to extend his contract.

  • Would they be willing toe wait for Anthony Davis a year from now?

  • These are the big decisions, but the Lakers have.

  • I really don't think they could honestly think that they're going to get Hawaii Kyrie or Kevin Durant, even if they have LeBron as they're leaving.

  • All right, enough of the Lakers.

  • Let's talk about a team that's actually defending his championship.

  • All right, the two time champs talk about the Warriors for a second and their reports today where the Warriors said today they're hopeful Brian that Kevin Durant complaints later in the final don't know what later means.

  • Do you have any sense of that?

  • Cause Tony and I are on record multiple times of sand.

  • We didn't believe he was playing in this round, and we doubt his plan.

  • And the next one.

  • What do you think?

  • Yeah, well, the big thing that they said today is that he's still not on the court, and he may not even be on the court the rest of this week and the finals air now less than a week away.

  • So he would need, I would say, a few days of practice and recovery eso when they first had this injury.

  • I know that they said day to day or whatever, but I was told that he was looking like a 3 to 4 week injury in between games one and two are right around.

  • Game one would be a three week span, so I actually don't think he's had a setback, and I think he's actually probably on pace.

  • What I think is remarkable is that the Marcus Cousins may play before Kevin Durant plays.

  • In fact, they haven't ruled out DaMarcus maybe being available for Game one.

  • And while the Warriors are doing great when they play Game one, they will have had nine days off.

  • They will possibly be working in a new player or two with DeMarcus maybe coming back.

  • And for the first time ever, they will go on the road to start the finals.

  • So I think if you're whoever if you're Milwaukee, Toronto to look ahead, I think your best chance is to hope that you get Game one.

  • And I can already say that with the Warriors thinking that Game one might be the tough spot for them if they get up 10 especially on the road.

  • I love their chances for that fourth ring.

  • We will get you out of here on this.

  • Marc Stein has reported that the Clippers have emerged as a strong suitor for Durant during free agency.

  • I'll ask you, what are you hearing?

  • And I want to go back, circle back to what you said before.

  • The implication is that Durant and Kyrie Irving might go together, even though, to me that would put two of the most unhappiest people I've ever seen on the same team while say two things to in talking to teams out there.

  • There's two things that I've been told.

  • One.

  • There isn't a team out there that feels supremely confident about what Durant's going to do when his agent says that he hasn't decided.

  • I think most teams believe that there's truth there now.

  • I'm not saying he hasn't leaned or went to a certain direction, but without going into details about who I've talked to.

  • I think teams involved in this aren't sure.

  • And the second thing is teams believe that Durant will set the market.

  • Once Durant makes a decision, it will be up to him with what that team decides to dio like, for example, if Durant decides to go to the Knicks and he says trained your number three pick for Anthony Davis, the Knicks will try to do that.

  • If he says, Keep that pick and take R.

  • J.

  • Barrett.

  • The Knicks will probably do that.

  • If Durant comes on and says Go sign Kyrie, Irving or Clear space for Kyrie Irving.

  • That's what's gonna happen right now.

  • Kevin Durant is the most powerful person in the n b A.

  • He will dictate the balance of power next year.

  • He will dictate the top level of free agency, really, like LeBron did both in 2010 in 2014.

Kyrie Irving was seen shopping in Los Angeles.


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