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  • Like most people, I I can see the problem.

  • But unlike most people, I can actually Salvant, and it is, quite simply, this.

  • The Los Angeles Lakers have a path for everything they have gotten wrong during this off season.

  • For all of the mess that is going on in Los Angeles, there is a pretty simple route, in my opinion, to a championship in L.

  • A.

  • And that route is called Kyrie Irving.

  • They don't need to trade for Anthony Davis.

  • They have a bunch of good young players in Los Angeles, and they have LeBron James, who is probably still the best player in the league.

  • And if he is that you put Kyrie Irving on that team with an injured Kevin Durant, taking the Warriors certainly down a significant notch with Houston getting older and probably worse, look around the landscape of the West.

  • I believe if Kyrie Irving signs with the Lakers, they would, in my opinion, become the team to beat in the Western Conference.

  • What do you make of that?

  • I totally agree, and I think that what the injury took my brother Kevin to rent.

  • I think it changes everything.

  • The whole landscape of the competitive driving the players and what's capable of what's out there.

  • And it's a realistic a temple.

  • Go for the Los Angeles Lakers If they acquire Kyrie.

  • Irving toe win a championship thinks that they could make this happen this fast.

  • I think that L.

  • A.

  • Has always been the best destination for Kyra because he knows exactly what his game.

  • He understands the dynamic between himself and LeBron.

  • Even better now because of what he went through in Boston.

  • I think they could be the best team in the West.

  • There are some teams in the East there, just more talented, younger, more athletic have MAWR guys that can impact the game at every position.

  • I think Boston is not going away.

  • Philadelphia is not going away.

  • Toronto, I think, probably will not go away.

  • But in terms of West, it would come down to my gut feeling would be Lakers and still let's not discredit the words because it's not like the words going to stand step.

  • Of course, they don't get a d, they're going to do other things.

  • They're gonna have money that could be freed up.

  • They're going to sign Clay and they're going to continue to get better because they are a destination.

  • New arena, play with clay, play with Curry there still a destiny.

  • I agree with that.

  • But just look at all the things that have happened with the Lakers since we basically spent two days burying them.

  • Look at all the things that have happened with the Lakers.

  • Kevin Durant goes down that takes Golden State down.

  • No matter what happens, Kawai Leonard is probably on the verge of winning a championship, which makes it likelier that he doesn't come out to the Western Conference and go to the Clippers.

  • And Kyrie doesn't have a guy to run with now, so it feels more likely that he goes to run with LeBron.

  • I think this whole thing is shaping up very nicely for them.

  • I see the look on the face of markets for years here.

  • I'm just gonna bring you into this thing because I can feel you burning a hole in the back of my head eyes because I'm so brilliant, you just can't fathom it.

  • I love the brilliance e of my Greenberg, But let me also say this Yeah, Everybody seems to forget that LeBron James still plays for the Lakers, right?

  • Like we've got a Koran.

  • I had this conversation for a lot of basketball guys.

  • This Kawai Kevin Durant conversation about them being the best players in the NBA, 28 77 and nobody is talking about you.

  • That means you're the best player in the NBA.

  • You still put up that work.

  • You know that some of those numbers were anti.

  • Look, Brooke LeBron James C say the second.

  • Every team is a leading sort of leading rebounder.

  • Yes or no.

  • LeBron does special things, but he's not what he was looking.

  • Father Time is undefeated.

  • Can he take a team by himself?

  • No, we can't.

  • And that's why he needs your guy Kurt Kyrie.

  • And the other thing is, Kyrie is the one superstar that they can actually recruit.

  • That understands what he's getting into those younger guys.

  • They don't get it yet because they've been enabled and like the generation, quote unquote why those guys aren't ready to be tutored or mentored by LeBron because of what they've seen.

  • I guess the phrase out of sight out of mind is something really, that's that's failed, but he'll come back around them and those young guys, if you're talking about Kuzma and Ball and Heart and Ingram of all those guys know their there and they're winning and they're going to try and load up and win with that group, look, I'm not saying that they shouldn't try and get Anthony Davis if they can, but they got to make a decision on it one way.

  • But my point g The reason why you're having this conversation is not because Curry is joining the Lakers is because LeBron is already there, right?

  • You're talking about being contenders.

  • We all know career going to L.

  • A and making them a contender by themselves is because LeBron is a Laker and in this window of opportunity we, Kevin Durant, obviously Cumbrian and LEBRON or a match made in heaven.

  • Because LeBron is a pass first basketball player that oh, by the way, averages third.

Like most people, I I can see the problem.


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