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here comes Damian Little, fresh off a game of 47 against the Dallas Mavericks.
Given go into outside CJ after 3/10 and defensive rating in 107.5.
Here's Lauren up top.
There was no hesitation in a couple of seconds.
The Pacers were able then to use producing business.
So strong coaxes in a rattler.
Andy is found in the definitely looks like Blazers Lillard 11 points.
He's gone blind seven times.
That is promising between defenders, which is right after late, and he's going to start here in Portland.
You know, I feel like his right as it gets a basketball.
This time he goes left.
Well, it's got four seconds coming off a 12343 Nothing but corn was like I remember watching Highlight takes goes to work of office screen.
Chefs blows by.
Suppose finishes fluttered at the rim.
Guys that could create do that picks up well beyond the three point game, and that will drive it a little.
Nice little flip over Sabonis.
You got cracked with deck pops up Dame with another behind the back pass.
Basketball shooting 18 point lead.
Lillard in command four minutes left in the third quarter.
Way behind the backs, which direction right?
33 12367 for the Blazers, 26 1 14 From these players come players when they didn't stab anybody.
Final Blazers win it over the Indiana Pacers, 1 39 1 29 1 emotional day for those guys.
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Damian Lillard drops 50 points vs. Pacers | 2019-20 NBA Highlights

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