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Fund the Watch, and so is Bam at a bio whose wreaking havoc on the rest of the league just turned in another stellar performance in his breakout third season.
His game using a speed and quickness against giving 16 runs.
The floor brings so much athleticism to the table filling the lane.
Miami still at the top of the board.
Thank you, Jack.
Three minutes left in the game for Syracuse Junior.
With heat up by 16 3rd time drunk.
It's just put on the right side of the rim and look at Jones jumping almost over Bobby porters who gets out of the way.
Your jewelry, his eyes.
He needs to Joe Jr.
I just three terrific done here in the first ever.
Derrick Jones, six seconds left, first by 21 big fella Meyers.
Leonard coming right down the pike and then the hammer with the right hand going over the top on the Jimmy Butler miss.
And Indiana wins their fifth straight seven double figures in 1 19 5 over.
Jimmy Butler, Steel start the second half from I Am.
He's undersized, 68 to 30.
So well, fast back to 20 for Miami with.
He also set up his teammates on a lot of action.
Is Robinson over committed?
Just great.
What brings?
We have dominated right throughout the next, trying to make a move back late in this context.
You hear a lot junior for another hero stocking stuffers beaten San into the perch.
Derrick Jones.
Get the Step Tyler hero, and that's what you do again.
Jones had to step there, continue.
They lock in Mitchell Robinson over, commits as a shot blocker, and that allows you to be a target on the back side of the defense.
We'll let him know when he's finished.
Too great, Right hands.
Slam Brothers Right there.
Another impressive win wire to wire for Miami, led by as many as 34.
Never trailed.
Shoot 56% and put eight in double figures.
Thanks so much for watching ESPN on YouTube.
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Heat put on a dunk contest vs. Knicks | 2019-20 NBA Highlights

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