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way doing this doing this, Really?
Get your nails done.
Eso c j It's an off day during the Western Conference finals.
Why are we getting our nails?
That you have to really take care of that stuff?
Obviously, the amount of running I do throughout the game.
Cutting coming off screens, chasing clay, chasing Steph.
It's a lot, but in the hands, obviously.
Balls coming off the fingertips every time you have your nails too long.
That's when the idea has the worst.
Katie's nose.
Tell me about Katie's tragedy there.
His nose tragedies.
What other types of self pampering you do?
You get your teeth whitened?
I haven't, but I will let me do it.
You're solid.
Do you know my fiancee is gonna be a dentist so I can't not lost?
You've lost.
Uh, yeah.
Flossing is essential.
Do it before every game.
It's a routine.
This is the fun part.
Is this fine?
Yeah, it's warm.
This is one of great parts about Mandy's and Pettis is the massage.
You guys were the potential Cinderella in this field.
You think so?
All right.
How do you feel about that?
I mean, it's part of your identity I suppose we got a bunch of guys who were underdogs person, small schools, guys treated for, got some guys out of banged up.
We've been through a lot.
We work hard.
We actually get along that we like each other teammates.
And it's not just for the cameras with medium.
Since this is my six year dame seventh way vote.
The culture here that's sustainable makes it easier toe 16 on their backs against the wall.
Because you got people you can rely on a foundation.
C J What's happening right now?
This is the paradigm.
Like, this is amazing, right?
Tariff in wax.
Yeah, it is.
So I've never had this.
Like, it's like, silly buddy, but better.
Uh, yeah.
So my hands are kind of like What?
What do I do?
How did you end game fit together on the court so?
Well, we have a good understanding of each other.
There's no jealousy.
I gotta do this because he did that.
Just like whatever it takes to win.
Do you and Dame ever do a spotted together?
It's not like your own.
Would it Tuesday what?
I used to call it many Monday texting like Hey, it's maybe one day.
What do you doing?
A show in reality?
What I've done is really help you prepare for game.
It will come off the thing and it's a lot better.
Just move.
Their hand will be more Chris.
You catch fire.
Did wiggle your fingers.
I know it's You know what it's about?
Are you like to the buffet like Buffett?
My first ever manicure with C.


CJ McCollum gets a manicure ahead of Game 3 of Western Conference Finals | 2019 NBA Playoffs

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