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big time stars into tenants.
Kobe Bryant, his daughter here watching the action, watching the Hawks and, of course, Kobe.
No stray young wealth and Kobe's daughters.
All of them are big fans and shoots a long 95 Atlanta really surprised you got DeAndre hotter.
Now it's Hunter.
Heard rather over to young Trey will drive bloated, 34 27 lead.
Great Young trying to float one home and trey look from the corner.
Alex Len.
Point number 10 this season, down at the other end.
Hawks play five on four right down the pipe.
Alex DeAndre went down on the heat back to the business, and Alex did a great job to run the floor 44 40 to Atlanta and again give you Alex 11.
He is going to work on.
He is threading the defense of the Brooklyn Nets.
There's no help coming from the offside university of Jim Young.
Represent Exeter Nation with three pointer.
That's his 1st 3 today, 49 45 by looking to make a pay for three in transition.
Back comes from Kevin Good again, Young with 15 back to back three.
Lane lays it in for the d evaporated.
Took full advantage.
Nice hands by Cameron is, but then dribbled it off his foot.
Picked up by Cray, Young goes in his Brooklyn dead.
Woody's second, a three point play.
Young, that's four ball handling by den with nine.
A lot past trade was able to pick it up and he was going one place, and that was down the middle lane.
There's something about the white lights of New York, right?
Gets it back.
You just can't get that shot on Alex Len seven 273 You're not going to get that shot for three.
Great Young keeps it going.
He's up to 24.
He's complained.
He got about it.
Did not get fouled.
Prey on glasses.
What a move by Dre Young.
He's up to 26 right, with 31 for Trey Young and counting.
He has completely mesmerized the Brooklyn defense.
Back trays.
Wilson, Chandler, Brooklyn Wasn't Chandler took his out.
Get on board.
And who else but young?
And when you when you get the defense and the defense, your behind offensive player, why would you file in that situation?
It's right.
39 for his season high is 49 Train looking to keep it going, Drops it, picks it back up, shoots it princelings.
Just Atlanta is still in you.
Seven for training.
Just a lot of game left here.
Lots of love events and lots of love for Trey Young from Kyrie Irving.
And what a day it was for Trey.
47 points.
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Trae Young drops 47 on Nets in front of Kobe Bryant | 2019-20 NBA Highlights

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