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  • he thought the Nets really handled them well in the paint.

  • Caress Laverne, locked and loaded for 35% from long range, puts the Celtics in front by to avert the body bump from Thais.

  • And he finishes around the hoop, second in layup attempts and 15 3 attempts that will lover will initiate the offense.

  • He gets the step on.

  • Hayward gets around chanter for two.

  • We've seen a lot of this lately.

  • Revert, creating his own shot getting to the basket.

  • Caris Levert's ability to put the ball on the floor.

  • We've seen go both ways tonight.

  • He prefers to get to that left hand like we just saw liver around Edwards for the easy deuce Jordan backdoor lover.

  • Excellent communication with Jordan and liver just ahead.

  • Not enough to get liver to the rim with did Woody still on the bench?

  • LaVerne the blow by terrorist Levert over these last dozen games has been almost impossible to keep from getting to the rim.

  • Coach controls the tip.

  • Get ahead.

  • Intercepted by Williams behind the back.

  • But she o za step said Laverne always got it.

  • A three Geos, a high pass low wall Kabarole working around the perimeter.

  • Laverne Smoking Carrots Lover.

  • Yes, sir.

  • From downtown six point Boston Lead Love.

  • Hard to the hole.

  • 109105 Celtics coming up next on TNT.

  • The 70 Sixers take on the Lakers.

  • Laverty Oh, can't missed caress.

  • Laverne is smoking hot.

  • Caris.

  • Levert 37 points.

  • He has matched his career high.

  • He's got 23 in the quarter.

  • He's been the best three point shooter for the Nets so far tonight.

  • And the Nets looking for one last shot with this game still in the balance.

  • Shot clock is down to 91 minute gone by in overtime around.

  • Oh, chalet banks it home carrots.

  • Laverty has 42.

  • He's doing it every way possible.

  • That's lead by two.

  • Laverne off the stutter Floater is good and a foul.

  • Caris.

  • Levert has it stuck on automatic.

  • Laverne leans.

  • He's not human terrorist.

  • Laverty banker is putting on a show out here.

  • Getting to the rim.

  • Hitting threes tend to shoot liver back.

  • It fade.

  • Oh, he's a one man wrecking crew.

  • Laverty.

  • 10 of 16 of the free throw line.

  • He is at 49 and it's 50.

  • Caris, Levert, Big 50 and his teammates on the bench very, very excited for him as they should be.

  • Stan.

  • He has scored all 11 Nets points in overtime on a career night for Caris.

  • Levert, 1 29 1 20 The final in O T.

  • Caris Levert, 51 points down by substantial margins.

  • What was going through your head while you guys were making that run possession at a time.

  • God is good, you know, Without him, none of this would be possible.

  • My teammates believed in me.

  • We made big plays all night.

  • Shut out.

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he thought the Nets really handled them well in the paint.


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