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  • Sam Charney A in the athletic today on the rip that's growing and the rip that was happening.

  • Game six.

  • Verbal altercation between James Harden, Chris Paul during the game after the game, and I like the way Shames wrote this at the end, you're Houston is entering its summer of truth.

  • Israel.

  • What is the truth here?

  • The truth is that we're seeing this all played out as we all expected, not to pat myself on the back, but everybody said, Hey, why are you bringing in Chris Paul?

  • I know he's a superstar, but why you bring in Chris Paul to be another ball handler alongside James Harden and after a couple of losses to the Warriors there, looking like they're at odds and seemingly, if you're James Harden?

  • When he was on that podium after the game and said, I know exactly what we need to do and didn't say it, it sounds like he wants to move Chris Paul else.

  • That's where you think that's where you think the truth is here.

  • The truth is, Chris Paul has to be moved elsewhere, whether that's even financially wise.

  • You look at last year, right, but he could blame Chris Paul for not winning a title last year and then this year.

  • Not doing enough.

  • I think James Harden has a case against what you believe Chris Paul.

  • Forgetting her.

  • Is that is that That's James Harden's blame.

  • Last year, Frank, I sold out.

  • What's your read on the Rockets here?

  • I have no problem with teammates being upset after a disappointing into their season.

  • To me, that's a good sign.

  • And let's remember something.

  • There was a point this year.

  • There were in 14th place in November.

  • That was James Harden, who put them on their back and got them to fourth place, and they lost to the best team once again.

  • I mean, they're not getting knocked out as the number one see losing to the 80.

  • They're losing to the Golden State Warriors.

  • I think everyone is over reacting to the way their season ended this year.

  • And Lena, do you hear this?

  • Says two teammates upset their season ended?

  • Or do you hear this is an untenable situation.

  • I don't think it's particularly surprising that Chris Paul would be upset, but I don't really agree with his purported point, which is that you know he objected to the system.

  • One more movement.

  • The Rockets didn't lose because their system actually harden was very good in isolation in the playoffs.

  • It was just a lack of talent, the absence of a play making big and defense.

  • That's why they lost the word.

  • I somewhat agree with Meena.

  • I think that you have to Alfa Dogs here.

  • You have outfit coach in Mike D'Antoni.

  • You haven't Alfred General Ledger.

  • There's Alphas running all over Houston.

  • And so what did you expect to happen two years in a row?

  • They have lost to the Warriors, and they've looked bad at the very in doing it.

  • So why not get upset?

  • I think it's happens all time.

  • I want a N b A coach.

  • Tell me, after I wrote there was dissension on the team.

  • He said, We've won 11 games.

  • Of course you've lost.

  • You're gonna have dissension among the two best players.

  • Yes, Frank, I said the last word.

  • I mean, come on, you're not moving.

  • Chris.

  • Paul with that contract, what you gonna do?

  • Give her to James hard?

  • He's gonna be He's probably gonna finish second and M v p voting again.

  • They lost to the Warriors.

  • It's the best team in the league.

  • Israel just want one last take from you here.

  • Do you think they could trade Chris Paul?

  • Do you think that's possible?

  • I do not think that's possible.

  • I don't see another team that thinks that he's going to be a the savior for them unless saying maybe he goes to the Lakers.

  • There you go, right, like something that could have been brought to my attention earlier.

Sam Charney A in the athletic today on the rip that's growing and the rip that was happening.


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