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  • you're going to get killed, This'd isn't a threat.

  • This is an instagram message that I got to warn me, because last week I decided to visit the most dangerous region in the world, Central America.

  • When it comes to labels, this area has a lot of them.

  • Take Honduras, for example.

  • People call this country the world's most dangerous country.

  • The airport, the second most dangerous airport, the city, the homicide city.

  • And because off labels, not many tourists come here.

  • The airports are not the busiest, and the beaches are quiet.

  • This'll is the label trap.

  • We assign negative labels to other places, and these labels stick for years and decades, even when things improve.

  • If you look at the statistics, you'll see that Honduras crime rate, no matter how high, has been on the decline 26% in the last year.

  • And I bet you didn't hear that in the news.

  • The crime rate has been cut in half.

  • This is really tangible improvement here and around the world.

  • Objectively, this place is not the world's most dangerous country.

  • How many times have you been mugged?

  • One in Honduras?

  • One.

  • Yes, one in how many years in 39 years.

  • 39 years.

  • Crime does exist in Latin America.

  • This is a fact that you must be careful here, but it's mostly gang related, not tourist related.

  • This'll is why this video is important because places like Honduras have a lot to offer beyond the labels take their cities.

  • For example, just a simple 20 minute drive from the capital.

  • You come to a place where every wall is a piece of park that makes a great instagram.

  • This is the Instagram capital, like the unique food off balance, like the world class, coffee exports and world class islands.

  • Negative labels not only hurt me and you, they hurt entire countries.

  • They heard this person and this person who live off of tourism.

  • So forget the labels and come visit Theo.

  • Your country had labels to most dangerous country, most safe country.

  • The one thing for sure is that most labels are wrong.

you're going to get killed, This'd isn't a threat.


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