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  • Some people are good with money.

  • Some people are bad with money, but in the world there are some people that are geniuses with money.

  • This is the story or four people that are so good at either money making or money saving.

  • And trust me, their unique stories will inspire you to become better at money.

  • The guy next to me is worth your time because this extreme guy doesn't buy anything.

  • I don't Daniel has a lot of money, but he doesn't spend any of it.

  • He is what people call a freegan.

  • Instead of spending money on food, Daniel on Lee gets it for free.

  • At restaurants, he eats other people's unfinished meals.

  • At home, he eats whatever his neighbors have left over.

  • He collects whatever food stores leave unsold and even goes at night to dive in Dumpsters with friends And I Kiss unites, defying the most incredible things for free statistician, close watch backpack, shampoos, umbrella, screech, even one versus trash is another person's treasure.

  • This guy, with $150,000 in savings, realized that the only way his savings could last forever, as if he doesn't spend any of it.

  • That's what?

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  • Be that yourself anyway, back to the videos.

  • This video is a true story.

  • Yesterday I was walking with my friend Jay.

  • This is Jay, accidentally, I dropped one going on the ground.

  • And to be honest, I had no interest in picking it up.

  • I hit carrying these coins that it was only like 10 cents.

  • Then I look back on Lee to C.

  • J on the floor, picking it up and saying thank you and putting it in his pocket.

  • I was surprised not because he did that, but because GE is a multi millionaire with a $40 million company.

  • Yet he cared toe pick up my coins because, according to him, it's not about money.

  • It's about attitude to what the money and his attitude is that not a single Cohen should go to waste.

  • And this millionaire is not cheap.

  • He spends money on his family.

  • He spends money on his friends and a lot of money on his business.

  • But he doesn't waste 80 month, not even the annoying coins.

  • And maybe, just maybe, his attitude is why he's the millionaire on.

  • I have not that one minute you tomorrow.

  • What I'm holding right now is normal paper.

  • But what if I told you that this paper is made out of poop really elephant.

  • Someone in the country off Siri Lanka took something that's very worthless and made a business out of it.

  • Turns out elephants a real life are vegetarian, and they produced pool filled with fiber that's honestly not that disgusting.

  • So someone took this poop dry, clean it, spread it, compressed smooth, cut it, combine it, made it into a really paper product that is sold in over 30 countries.

  • All of this comes from the Group of eight elephants only because each one of them to 16 times a day to make this paper.

  • You don't need to cut down any forest like this.

  • You give jobs to people who are otherwise unemployed and you fill a business.

  • There is no better way to describe it.

  • They made a business out off.

  • That's a minute.

  • Hi, kids.

  • You see next to me is only 14 years old, but this kid started a bank.

  • Hi, my name is Jose and this is my story.

  • Who?

  • They saw that a lot of his classmates spend money, but they don't save money.

  • It's important to save money.

  • So at the age of 12 Jose started a really bank in Peru turns his classmates allowances into a savings account with its own debit card by She's got so popular he found 3000 customers see $50,000 and hired eight employees that are older than him.

  • He also built a system that helps kids make money by recycling their plastic.

  • Kids can get plastic waste, go to his bank, give plastic and get money in their accounts.

  • It's out wing as we adults are busy spending money.

  • Let's look at this kid who built an entire legal banking system that saves money in Saves the environment.

  • That's one minutes.

  • See you tomorrow.

  • I hope you enjoy this video.

  • I definitely enjoyed making it, and I also spent a lot of money trying to make it anyway.

  • Thank you.

  • Skill share again for sponsoring this video.

  • This wasn't easy to make, but I hope it was easy to watch.

  • And I know it will be even easier to take the skill shirt classes and become better at money management yourself.

  • Thank you so much.

  • That's a few minutes.

Some people are good with money.


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