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  • the picture you see next to me.

  • The whole world has seen.

  • It's the picture off a starving African kid.

  • And when I saw that years ago, I thought it represented Africa.

  • Like millions of people, I didn't see anything better.

  • All I saw was the poverty and the danger.

  • So where is the good stuff about Africa?

  • To answer that question, I had to put my ignorance aside and visit many, many countries in Africa in person.

  • And what I saw there was very different from what I imagined.

  • Take their second biggest country if yo Pia.

  • On paper, Ethiopia is poor, 50% live under the poverty line.

  • This this'll and this is normal to see and even basic Internet is still a problem.

  • I hate this Internet.

  • I bet you knew over fat about if you be already.

  • But what I bet you didn't know about Ethiopia is this.

  • Ah, a new government just got to power.

  • And ever since then, corruption is on the decrease and equality is on the increase 50% off.

  • The new government ministers are women and the president is now a woman.

  • The country's first political prisoners have been released.

  • The decade long war in Ethiopia is over, democracy is thriving and the economy is growing by 10% for 100 million people every year.

  • 10%.

  • When reforms happened in Saudi Arabia, the whole world clapped for letting women drive.

  • But when reforms happen in an African country, nobody is clapping on entire African country.

  • Changed drastically in six months on Lee, this is real tangible change that we all should notice, support and spread.

  • It's not just the numbers that we should support.

  • It's also the people inside these poor villages, right next to the dried up lakes.

  • Millions of people want the same life is yours.

  • They are not dangerous or scary.

  • They just want a better life.

  • What do you want to do when you grow up?

  • Yeah, I gonna goto Harvard University.

  • Theo.

  • Truth is, Africa has a long way to go.

  • But it is improving, Wanda.

  • Heart off.

  • Africa is cleaner, safer and more innovative than many European countries.

  • Where Nigeria, the biggest country in Africa, has really technology talent that you can and should hire.

  • Zimbabwe got rid off its 30 year dictator for good.

  • The people are on the streets of celebrating Ah, a new era.

  • A new beginning.

  • I'm happy and essentials is richer and more beautiful that you can imagine.

  • You didn't know any of that about Africa.

  • This is why this video is important.

  • So that the next time you think of Africa I hope you don't only see the past.

  • I hope you see the future.

the picture you see next to me.


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なぜ私たちはアフリカに盲目なのか? (Why Are We Blind To Africa?)

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