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  • Hi.

  • Yesterday my father called me and said, You're lucky you're going to Hawaii and I said, Why then?

  • He replied.

  • Because in Hawaii there are no snakes, No snake snake.

  • Snake name.

  • Turns out my dad is right.

  • The Hawaiian Islands are so remote from the rest of the world that here there are no animals to be scared off.

  • No snakes, no tigers, no hyenas.

  • Lions, No crocodiles.

  • Not here, here or anywhere in the entire state of Hawaii.

  • The only thing to worry about our tiny bugs Pigs, your neighbor's dog and a few sharks in the ocean.

  • Tell your dad from my dad that at least on this beautiful island in the middle of the ocean, you that's one minute.

  • See you tomorrow.



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蛇のいない島! (The Island with No Snakes!)

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