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OK, The following video will make you think twice before you joke around because this'll is John.
Hi, my name is Joan on.
I am a politician.
John is probably one of the most unconventional politicians you will see mainly because I am not a politician.
John is a comedian who was frustrated with governments, especially after the financial crisis, so he decided to run for government himself as a purely as a joke.
He started a new party and called it the best party with a logo similar to the Facebook life that roughly resembled a Penis.
According to him, we made it a bit longer, looked like a Penis or like a hand holding hot and promised people three towels, a polar bear and a Disneyland hit Iceland.
Such a campaign.
No one would take him seriously, but to his surprise, I want I want Really.
People were so frustrated with normal politicians that it shows to re elect a comedian in charge, and he took the challenge.
For the next four years, he became the rial mayor of Iceland's capital.
I actually did automation.
He helped turn his city's budget around, advocated for social issues and environmental Once it was all great and fun.
This is where the jokes and this'll extroverts comedian who was full of life and jokes and humor became very sad, tired and frustrated after only four years in politics.
Turns out politics is much more about influence than ideals.
Just think about this for a second.
The fact that people elected him tells you that they are frustrated with politics.
The fact that he came out of it not wanting to do politics ever again tells you politics is hard on the fact that all of this happened in Iceland.
Ah, country with one of the best political systems in the world tells you that politics anywhere in the world is really hard.
This comedian turned politician turned writer has a message for a look.
See what you want, but be careful what you wish for because it just might come true.


The Joke That Went Wrong!

林宜悉 2020 年 7 月 2 日 に公開
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