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this video is a true story.
Yesterday I went to McDonalds to buy a drink.
But the drink cave with no plastic strong I sent to the cashier.
Does this come with a straw?
They said Sorry, we don't use plastic straws.
Because McDonald's wants to protect the environment.
So they banned the use off plastic strong.
This surprised me because I looked around and saw that spoons are still made of plastic cover off.
That same drink was still made of plastic, and McDonald's were still selling meat that is responsible for 15% off greenhouse gas emissions.
So why did they care so much about plastic straws, but not everything else?
The answer to that turns out is called selective.
Okay, I think it's a problem that all humans way selectively care about one thing.
Yet we do not care about, for example, plastic way here about plastic straws because we see a turtle that was hurt by, but we don't care about all the other plastic that caused the death off millions.
The sand company that wants to save Charles is responsible for the death off millions of other animals every year.
This is selective empathy in action way care about some animals but not others.
When the Chinese eat dog meat, many Westerners were horrified.
Yet the same people go home and enjoy the night speed stick way.
Feel empathy for a dog, but we don't feel it for cats.
That's why the slaughterhouse worker can kill thousands of cows every day and go home to pet their dog.
All humans are created.
But do we came about them equally?
Some humans we relate to more, so we care about more.
This is selective empathy.
I m guilty office.
I personally felt devastated by the death of one journalist by Saudi Arabia, but I didn't feel devastated by the death off thousands off people right nearby.
Why is that?
A single death is a tragedy.
A 1,000,000 deaths is a statistic.
This'll is sad, cold.
And unfortunately, it's true.
As I sat there drinking mine McDonald's drink with no straw surrounded by meat and more plastic, I couldn't help but ask myself, Do we really care about plastic about animals about humans?
Or do we only care about some plastic, some animals and some humans?
This is a question worth asking, no matter how uncomfortable it is to answer.
Saving one plastic straw is good, but caring about the actual problem is even better.


The Plastic Straw Dilemma

林宜悉 2020 年 7 月 2 日 に公開
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