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  • It's midnight and I can't sleep.

  • I can't sleep because it's not dark outside reminder.

  • It's midnight.

  • See here in Iceland.

  • The country is so far up north that during summer it does not get dark.

  • And after a few days without darkness, I realized how much I needed.

  • Darkness helps you fall asleep and wake up at the right time.

  • Darkness helps you stay inside to be with friends and family, and it tells your body that it's time to rest.

  • But when it's light for 24 hours a day, your sleep schedule is all over the place.

  • You lose sense of time and everyone is out and about over time.

  • I appreciate things until we lose them.

  • And now that I lost darkness, my message to you is this.

  • Appreciate the beautiful sunrise, beautiful sunset and the beautiful darkness in the middle because they help you more than you think they do.

  • That's one minute, See tomorrow and good night.

It's midnight and I can't sleep.


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