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Due by the end of this video, this guy will make you happy.
I'm Judy and I I From the look of him, Googie looks like a crazy person.
Toys in love with unicorns, unicorns, unicorns I love unicorns.
That's crazy.
But when you spend enough time with him, you'll realize that this guy is not crazy.
He just reached a level of happiness and freedom that none of us had color for life.
Googie dresses.
However, he wants Googie acts however he wants.
Googie does whatever he wants.
And despite older stairs, he's calming, Signed, happy and free.
In this happiness radiates toe everybody around him.
It's easy to judge Googie by his appearance and behaviour.
This'll guy you're looking at went to university for nine years.
It has three degrees.
I read.
You should as well You really want bachelors.
A Do masters have a mustard philosophy?
Did this buster Good time.
This'll guy was also the order of three businesses on All of them was fine to May.
And one of them is this e born Googie.
Easy bar order and a businessman.
But he doesn't act like one.
He never get stressed or angry just hangs with customers every day, all day, passing out stickers and unicorns happy.
So I don't make too much money out on my bar.
But I'm having fun.
Yes, but why is he so happy?
The secret to his happiness is the simplicity simple to love J.
And it is very simple to love life.
You seem unhappy every day he sleeps at 3 a.m. Wakes up at three PM, goes to the market, buys vegetables, toys and stickers well by the unicorn because everybody that come to my box must become a unicorn goes to his bar not to work, but to have fun.
What I do every day, every single day, your house that's big enough to live in.
And he has money.
That's just enough to keep going.
Many of us stress over what people think of us or what to do in life.


He Is The Real Unicorn Man!

林宜悉 2020 年 7 月 2 日 に公開
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