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hello guys and welcome back to a new video today I'm right here at Mitsubishi
Motors in Bern if you are from Switzerland you know about that at Emil
Frei and I have right here with me the new Mitsubishi this is the Petrol
benzene version and I will try to review it interior exterior and everything
about this car so stay with me and we will do this in the next second so here
I am guys with the key this is the key of the new Mitsubishi Outlander it is a
very light key with a nice chrome design here something that I want to show you
first time is that the car had the newest keyless entry in the car you have
to have the key in your pocket and you just have to press this button and the
car it's lock on all unlock depend what you want to do anyway the car look very
nice it is a very very big car with take a lot of space in the parking plot place
also we have some chrome design around the car up there that look very nice big
windows great visibility also you can add some extra trunk up there the back
of the car look very nice we have parking sensors here in the back also
this car come with the back camera I can see it right here so you can park it
very easy also we have here the fog lamps down here we have again there the
reverse light the exhaust pipe are under the car so we don't see any exhaust pipe
here I like it more like that something like an electric car also here we have
some plastic in the chrome color grey great plastic Outlander logo and also
Mitsubishi clear tech on the other side here it's four-wheel drive also if you
know already at Mitsubishi Motors you have a five years warranty on the old
models also the brake light are up there it is up there we have a big big windows
in the back window and also nice design here and very simple on the back of the
car I don't know if you can see that opening the car I want to open the light
for you guys to show you the light and to see the car comes with this light in
the back I don't know if you can see it because it's daytime but they look very
nice the Builder light look really really beautiful and also in the front I
want to go fast and show you that we have LED daylight right here in the
front you can see it's blinking on my on my camera but normally it doesn't anyway
the front of the car it's quite interesting with a lot of chrome here on
the side we also have here the fog lamp the sensors parking sensors on the side
in the middle down here we have some chrome design nice interesting chrome
design with some plastic grey down here also here we have as you can see
combination of xenon light I think it's LED light with normal bulb
light for the blink link that's pretty cool and also going on the other side
the same same model on the side here around the edges of the car we have this
plastic small plastic part to protect the paint of the car in time to not rust
from chips and stones something that it's really really great great idea also
I see on many cars these days also on the
part the same plastic to protect the edges of the car even in the back there
it is a really really great idea the rims look also nice I like them they
are very very beautiful I'm not sure how big they are they are 18 inch wheels so
we have 18 inch wheels on this SUV and it look fabulous
really really beautiful really nice now that you see the exterior I want to show
you the interior of the car a little bit too so let's open the trunk so usually
we have electric lift gate here we have the entrance in the car almost flat we
have a flat entrance here in the trunk here we have some speaker as you can see
really big it take a lot of place some space storage space on the side as well
as here because this car usually it is a seven-seater so you can take this seat
up from here but I will show you a little bit later and also two cupholders
for the sitter in the back again some storage here on the side and under this
we have the repair kit and a small space where you can put your stuff also you
can take this out normally from here so you can put it under here to do it now
anyway yeah anyway let's go let's go in the back of the car the trunk is really
big because this car it's a really really huge car and it's really spacious
any going here in the back of the car to show you the space better so leaving the
seat down as well from here you can put it in the front if you want to sit back
here so show you fast how the seats are taking place but I don't want to take
this out I just show you like that so you can see you have a lot of space
there in the but also we have a light for the back
passengers also we have again a light here both light no no LED light just a
normal ball flight and also you can adjust the seat the way you want it as
you can see down here you have adjustment manually adjustment so you
can put the seat in every position you want so annoying this light I just wanna
turn it off shut up okay better now let's go inside so as I say
you can adjust it the way one it's something that it's a really really
great thing I like that down there we don't have a big step
so people that stay in the middle will stay very easy let's finish here in the
back so in the back as I say you have enough space to stay here even for the
for the legs you have enough space if you know how to adjust the front seat
you have a lot of space in the back anyway putting back the seats the sitar
are very good and great quality you can see the leather we have leather seats
here also you can leave it on the back and you have great comfort here in the
middle we have a center armrest with two cup holder really useful these days
really really useful the door it's everywhere a kind of plastic but it's
look nice also have leather here with nice stitches the button for the windows
some storage space and the speaker down there going inside the car and then
let's go to the door because there's so much noise outside we have leather great
quality with the white stitches a lot of space storage space here as well a lot
of space for my legs huge space for my legs I can even play him stretch my legs
a lot of space no complaining we have handle here my head space huge
huge space and I'm really comfortable in this car I feel as I have a great great
visibility on the windows as well and also I feel like this car it's pretty
big and I have a lot of space here even in the middle if I go in the middle I
have a lot of space I can stay with my legs together something that's really
cool so it fit you can fit three third person
here three people without problem rent USB port down here and also not sure
watch this nothing just USB port no 12 volt port
the space in the middle it's kind of okay to three fingers but I can go a
little bit front and then I have more space and then space in the left facing
the right a lot of space huge space I like that I also like this sunroof
little window here little glass I was expecting to have more class I like the
car that have much more glass on the roof then this the dashboard and
everything there look really simple and interesting nothing fancy nothing super
expensive just simple things also in the back it's great visibility on the
windows and also you can see the space there for the third row anyway let's go
out it's pretty pretty hot inside let's go outside let's go in the front
as I show you before maybe or not we have blind spot technology and nice big
nose as well as in the front we have a different design on the doors we have a
speaker here we have great leather quality soft material I like this design
here it's kind of glossy plastic interesting design also better quality
than in the back we have soft material over down here again leather and great
great stitches and great materials quality on the doors here are the
buttons for the window also great quality the roof handle nice nice
quality on the roof here we have the mirror great mirror with bulb light and
I like that I like that you have a lot of space in this car even the mirror
it's huge and you have created great visibility in the back both played here
simple nothing complicated the visibility on the windows it's fantastic
great big windows great visibility in the back even if the car have a back
camera you have a great visibility in the back I like it very much going
forward we have great soft soft material quality on the on the dashboard here
really great and soft the vans we have a lot of vents in the car you can see it I
like that in the summer it's fantastic and also
the glow box it's pretty big I like the glow books we
have a space up here and again a space down here
great job Mitsubishi great job now here the design it's also very
simple you have the multimedia system here I will show you a little bit later
but first time let's close it off anyway a colors and multimedia system not sure
if you see it before I will show you later but now I want to say that I like
this this black glossy stick around here the Eco button
blinkers here some information about the car here we have the climatic system so
you can start it and close it very simple and easy to use down here we have
12 volt port we have again the sensors for the blind spot technology heating
steering wheel 12 awkward and that you know what it is down here we have some
black glossy plastic two cupholders down here very useful and I like this stick
Mitsubishi keep this stick for a long times I have a Mitsubishi Lancer before
a few years ago and I have the same stick I like it it's really cool its
feel great it's leather and it's really nice and small
great automatic car four-wheel drive button we have electric handbrake also
how to hold and we have the I think this I think those are I'm not sure I wanna I
wanna twist it oh yes those are the ventilated shit if I'm not wrong I know
this car doesn't have the ventilated I think this is the this is the heating on
the seat the heating on the seat button are right here so bill this car doesn't
have the ventilated seat anyway I want to show you the dashboard as well it's
very nice and simple in the middle we have a digital display with all the
information about the car you can also change it from here I think modes I'm
not sure wait a second where you can change this Wow here I like this button
here for the cameras you can see the car have cameras around it it's really great
it's really great feature so you can see around the car what is around the car
this is really grating also where where where is this I don't know where's the
modes of timing how can you change that monster or you cannot change it it's
just stay like that I'm not sure okay I'm not sure about that anyway let's
close the engine because it's make noise the steering wheel it's also great great
quality great leather much better than in other cars so they use a very good
quality leather on this thing will I like the black black gloss here also the
chrome and the buttons that I done all the buttons sorry about that
here I know it's the adaptive cruise control and cruise control and all that
stuff here are the clappers for changing the gear manually pretty nice start/stop
button you see it before and yeah here we have a blue armrest leather with
great stitches a lot of space down here pretty nice and I also like this seat
are beautiful we have side support great leather quality and also they are
electric adjustable I think I'll show you before you can adjust everything
you want you can see it's pretty awesome maybe you can see like that better
so you can put it in every position you want and it's worked very fast it's
great I like that I really like it anyway I think I can
show you everything in this car oh maybe the the option let me show you
some information about the car I'm sure you're interesting about the consumption
around 6.4 149 grams 1600 kilogram euro-6 petrol engine and and not fries
and all that stuff we have 150 horsepower to litter you can see the
engine black line also the year it's 2019 the price thirty six thousand nine
hundred well I didn't expect that it's a great price guys wow so chip you have
also a discount if you come here and there you are from Switzerland you can
come in Bern and we'll fry our Auto Center blah blah blah you can check out
on the website they have a great price for such a big SUV I didn't expect to be
so cheap 36,000 really great well really impressive a nice car a big huge car
indeed he doesn't have a great great tech with LED for example energy light
inside the car it doesn't have it it has just this normal light but the point is
it's a big car with a lot of space great engine great technology also adaptive
cruise control and all that stuff it's really impressive that it has with
rudder and all that things yes I forget to show you this navigation system I
think it's a great great price for a great car and also the sitar leather
don't forget that's really impressive now I show you a little bit here on this
navigation system so you have here applique
and all that stuff it's charging Dobie volume and that stuff great it has to be
it is it is a touchscreen display I never use it before it has glossy it's
matte display so if we go to home we have here all the information you can
connect to bluetooth I have application we have car
information about the car or the consumption and all that stuff the door
just a little bit because it's very hot here or maybe maybe open the automatic
system it's very hot anyway now here you can see all that
information about the coil over telephone but it's work fine it's not
perfect but it's work fine go into home here we have some information about the
car that you can change it where is the navigation system they Knight the GPS
application where is the navigation I don't know climatic system home may be
here nap no it doesn't have I don't know where is the navigation GPS maybe yeah
what I don't know I don't know I don't know maybe you can give me some tips I
don't see where is the navigation system in this car anyway that was my review
guy with the car yeah I multimedia system it's so so nothing fancy but at
this money what you can expect
anyway I like the car the navigation it's simple I think if you are not so
fancy you can do a great job with this car anyway I hope you enjoyed the review
guys I hope it was helpful please subscribe to my channel check out my
other videos on my channel and if you want to see a test driver or other you
have any requests or feedbacks please please write me and tell me what you
think thank you for watching again don't forget if you want to buy this
Mitsubishi Outlander with this amazing price you have to come and burn at amid
FRA garage we have a lot of cars here with great technology and great prices
so thank you for watching see you soon guys bye


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