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  • No, no, it's not enough.


  • Yo, to you promised me power.


  • You said if I get a lot of dislikes, I will get more views.


  • I will become more powerful than ever.


  • Yes, yes, of course.

    お前は “力” を約束したよな!?

  • I'm still the most powerful users around the planet.


  • I don't think you understand.


  • I need more.

    「… 再生回数は上がる」 ってな

  • I don't think you understand the excessive greed of a youtuber.

    俺は もっと “力” をつけたいんだ…

  • I know you're holding out on you to tell me.

    今よりも だ。

  • What else secrets do you have that can affect the algorithm?

    あぁ… そうとも、 俺は すでに この地球上の どのYouTuberよりも “力” を手にしているが、

  • I did that likes I did the dislikes.

    お前には わからないだろうな…

  • Of course I'm gonna milk this fucking shit.


  • What else you got to do?

    お前は YouTuberの貪欲さを 全然わかってないな!

  • You not see my friend iss?

    俺に隠し事なんてムダだぜ、 YouTube!

  • You are missing cop comments was fucking died.

    “他の秘密” を教えろ…

  • One million common god with looking do it 1,000,000 million comments can smash it one million Common way.

    アルゴリズムに影響を与える方法は 他にもあるはずなんだ

  • Let's smash one million comments on this video.


  • Get one meal income.


  • I will delete my channel Dick pics at one million comments.

    もちろん、 これからも この方法で 搾り取るさ

  • 2017 hashtag Let's trended worldwide.

    YouTube、 あとは何をすればいい?

  • What?

    ( 分からないのか? 我が弟子であろう… )

  • Comments and kill myself.

    ( お前には まだ “第三の方法” がある… )

  • One melon.

    ( そう、 “コメント” だ… )

  • Come.


  • Did you comment yet?


  • Have you you for your eye?

    ※ 音量注意 ※

  • On what?

    ※ 音量注意 ※

  • What?

    ( ゚Д゚)< どうしたお前らあああああ ⤴︎

  • People actually comment.

    ( ゚Д゚)< 100万コメントだああああ ⤵︎

  • Hey, I got an idea.

    ( ゚Д゚)< できんのかクソがああああ ⤴︎

  • Why don't we just had a picture of a shooting me Kids love that shit.

    ( ゚Д゚)< この動画で イケんのか!?

  • They come with, like, crazy fucking morons.

    ( ゚Д゚)< 100万コメントだ!!!

No, no, it's not enough.



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この動画は100万コメントもらえるのかな? (Can this video get 1 million comments?)

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