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  • Speaker 1: Sometimes the hardest part about making out is knowing what to do with your

  • hands. We've all seen Talladega Nights Ricky Bobby, that's not what you wanna do when you're

  • making out.

  • Speaker 3: Here's a really easy guide. Girls, you want to give a man a sense of control

  • and a little bit of sensuality. But not an overly aggressive tone. Is that confusing?

  • I know, I know. Here I'm gonna show you. OK so when you're kissing a guy, put your arms

  • around his waist. Because you want to keep him against you and you want to let him know

  • you like that he's kissing you. And that can be hard sometimes if you're nervous. You tend

  • to throw your arms down at your side as you've seen in some of my other videos. So put your

  • arm around him, massage this area of the man. We always think that guys want to touch our

  • boobs. Two way street. Two way boobs street.

  • Speaker 2: I like to get my boobs touched.

  • Speaker 3: Yup. Second base action. So massage him here. The collar bone has a lot of nerve

  • endings. Also if you wanna go down the hip, don't go down to...

  • Speaker 2: Never never land.

  • Speaker 3: ...yeah. No. You're gonna wanna make him think you're going there but oh diversion

  • . Exit around the turnpike. And you're gonna go right down the hip. Right there. Another

  • great thing to do is to put this hand or any hand really, into his hair and make a fist.

  • So you gently tug on him. Look at him, look at him. He's like a golden retriever.

  • Speaker 1: I know. Like that?

  • Speaker 3: If you pull like this...

  • Speaker 2: Ow ow! No no no.

  • Speaker 3: ...right. That's painful. You don't wanna tug. This isn't Iran. OK. So let's show

  • this in action. But before we do, why don't you tell us what a guy should do.

  • Speaker 2: What a guy should do. Very simple. We have 3 options. Option 1. We have here,

  • which they love.

  • Speaker 3: Yeah we do.

  • Speaker 1: We love it.

  • Speaker 2: This is actually the first move to go in. It's here to the chin, and then

  • it's pulling. Right? Very movie-esque? But it works.

  • Speaker 3: Oh it does, it does.

  • Speaker 2: Option 2, neck. Speaker 1: Yeah.

  • Speaker 2: Caress the neck. Don't try to.

  • Speaker 1: Don't try to choke her.

  • Speaker 2: Yeah.

  • Speaker 1: Not a Dateline special.

  • Speaker 2: No. So it's just this. Just to let her know you're there. You know?

  • Speaker 1: And we like it.

  • Speaker 2: Option 3, hair. I like it, she likes it.

  • Speaker 3: We love it. But guys, if a girl has a complicated up-do or even a pony tail,

  • don't go jamming your hand in there and rooting around like you're digging for gold. Be respectful

  • of the time she's taken to look her best.

Speaker 1: Sometimes the hardest part about making out is knowing what to do with your


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キスをするときにあなたの手で何をすべきか|キスのヒント (What to Do with Your Hands When Kissing | Kissing Tips)

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