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字幕表 動画を再生する


    “広告はがし”は まだ終わってない…

  • *action music*

    広告を流すために 金を払うだろ

  • Imagine paying for an advertisement to be shown but even though no one watches it you still have to pay [for] it on

    たとえ 誰も見てなくても 払う必要があるんだ

  • TV. You can actually never know if someone is watching your advert

    テレビの宣伝は 本当にそれが 見られているのか分からない

  • Maybe there are taking a piss.. maybe arguing with their wife.. eating being distracted

    トイレに行ってるかもしれないし 奥さんと喧嘩してるかも

  • Whatever, you still have to pay for the ad to be shown well on YouTube

    食事してたり 取り乱してたり

  • It doesn't work like that, if you don't watch the entire ad or for at least 30 seconds

    どうであれ 広告を流すために 金を払わなきゃいけない

  • You don't have to pay anything. No money is basically lost, so it seems pretty safe...

    YouTubeのシステムは 少し違う

  • To advertise on YouTube *laughes* at least it seems pretty great if you ask me advertising on YouTube can give you a wider reach than any

    もし広告が全て…少なくとも 30秒以上見られなかった場合

  • TV Network could. If your target


  • Consumer is 18 to 34


  • YouTube has a Wider reach than any TV network than any cable TV network and according to a research conducted by Google

    YouTubeで広告を流すのは… すっごく安心だろ?w

  • May be a little biased *laughes* but [they] found that in eighty percent of cases, ads

    少なくとも 俺は素晴らしいと思うよ

  • That were shown on YouTube as opposed to TV were eighty percent

    YouTube広告は テレビよりも効果的だ

  • More effective to drive towards a sale, and you know I may be [a] little biased as well


  • But I believe that fact because on Youtube you can target your consumer much much easier. You got demographics geographics time of day

    テレビより YouTubeのほうが 影響力が大きい

  • Retargeting of ads and base of interest ads, which have shown to be highly effective

    訂正 “ケーブル”テレビより大きい だ

  • YouTube doesn't just know who your target consumer is they know what they like,


  • What their behavior [is] like and you can reach them directly not not guessing

    多分 少し偏見入ってるけど…w

  • and let's say you want to buy the

    でも それによると 80%の確立で―

  • Product that you see in the advert what you gotta do you gotta walk outside and go to the store?

    YouTubeの広告は テレビよりも

  • ridiculous you can just click on the ad

    80%以上 販売活動に効果的らしい

  • and buy it there :)

    俺も少し 偏見入ってるかもしれないが

  • So simple, man advertising on YouTube seems like the greatest thing ever I know. But wait..


  • There's more! on TV ads, You gotta pay a certain amount to get your ads

    なぜならYouTubeでは より簡単に客層を絞れるからだ

  • shown all right, and it could be

    人口統計、広告を表示する 地域や時間が見れる

  • Pretty expensive. Well on YouTube if you want to pay a dollar to advertise you pay a dollar that's all you got to do

    広告への反応を見て ターゲットを再調整できる

  • there's no limit and


  • Let's say you want to pay a million 50 million you can pay 50 million. No one's going to stop ya

    YouTubeでは 客層が分かるだけじゃなく

  • All right, why not spend a little extra while you're at it. Because if you advertise on Youtube, you're also supporting independent

    客層の好みや 行動が分かる

  • Creators all across the world you can also get organic views on YouTube

    それらを直接確認できるんだ 予想するんじゃなくてな

  • Hey, what do you mean with that well you know those old spice commercials?

    それに 広告で見た商品が買いたいなら

  • Commercial: I have a SOOOOON >:D !

    どうする? わざわざ店に買いに行く?

  • Millions and millions of views, you don't turn on the television hoping that you'll see one you go to youtube to watch it


  • You're basically getting people to watch your advertisement for FREE!


  • WOW!


  • *megaphone* Youtube advertising seems amazing!


  • Why is why would I possibly never advertise there? But Felix, I've heard that

    YouTubeで広告流すのって 素晴らしいだろ?

  • It's not safe to advertise on YouTube


  • There is a racist videos out there!

    テレビで広告を流すには ある程度の広告料を出す必要がある

  • and what if my ads appear on them? Youtube as extremely strict rules..


  • on de-monetization even before this whole ad-pocalypse happened and ask ask any Creator

    一方 YouTube広告のために 1ドルだけ払いたいなら

  • And, You talk about politics your video will get de-monetized literally


  • I play a game with a single bit of sexuality in it like no nudity whatsoever it gets de-monetized


  • It's very sensitive. It's a very strict system. That's in place

    逆に 百万…5千万払いたいなら

  • and like I said even before all this outbursts and

    5千万払えばいい 誰も止めないよ

  • People know that if a coca-cola ad appears in my video that doesn't mean that coca-cola is supporting my views whatever they may be

    せっかくだから 少し余分に払ってくれよ

  • It's just common sense people know this already

    YouTubeで広告を打つことは 世界中のクリエイターを支援することだからな

  • it's just an advert and if you want to advertise on YouTube you can reach out to

    YouTubeなら 視聴回数も稼げるぞ

  • Creators directly and Target your ad through them get a video done together and then run your ads across their video

    「えっ どういう事?」

  • Specifically if you want a more authentic way of doing advertisement you can't find it. It doesn't exist

    オールドスパイスのCM 知ってるか?

  • we can talk directly-we have an audience that listen to us they care about what we say and


  • They trust us if you're scared of your ads showing up in the wrong place,

    みんな その広告を見るために テレビをつけるんじゃなくて

  • You can see through analytics


  • Exactly where your money is being spent. Oh, what, whats that? I don't need the media to tell me about that. That's so strange

    ということは みんな 広告を無料で見てくれるって事だ!

  • It's almost like the whole thing is just blown out of proportion

    ( ゚∀゚)<ワ~オ!

  • I could just look online and see where my ads is being spent ad money is being spent on


  • How about that it's right there in front of you, TV doesn't have that, that's very interesting, and if Youtube wasn't even more safe

    「私もYouTubeで 広告打たなきゃ!」

  • They added even stricter rules and for your ad money to be spent the creator has to have more than 10,000 views on the platform

    「でもFelix、YouTubeで 広告を打つのは危険なんでしょ」

  • Essentially eliminating anyone to upload anything and have ads on it. Because let's say if a news company

    「だって 差別的動画があるんだから」

  • wanted to take

    「私の広告がそこで流れたら 大変」

  • for some reason

    Youtubeは動画の管理について とても厳しいんだ

  • advertisements from other companies and place them directly on..


  • racist content for whatever reason I can't think of.


  • They can no longer do that. I think it's interesting

    もし政治について語れば その動画は規制される

  • Recently what happened with Pepsi. They pull ads off from YouTube to avoid

    俺も 少し性的表現の入った ゲームをプレイして…

  • Controversy and came up with an advert that they probably spent millions and millions

    裸とかが見えたわけじゃないのに 規制された

  • and millions of dollars on and it flopped


  • it got a ton of controversy because it didn't reflect reality.


  • YouTube is painfully honest and its reflection of what the audience really want.


  • If you don't like on something on YouTube

    それに もし俺の動画に コカ・コーラの広告が流れても

  • You'll know

    別にコカ・コーラが 俺を支援してるわけじゃない

  • *Laughs*

    こんなの常識だ 誰でも知ってるよ

  • Not only was the advertisement offensive


  • But it was also un-authentic people know this. Why? Because just look at the dislike bar

    もしYouTubeで広告を打つなら 特定のクリエイターに頼んで―

  • I know, it's a kind of a stupid metric to bring up, but it's anonymous

    ターゲットを絞ることもできる (俺 俺 俺…)

  • And it shows that this type of way of doing advertisement is not relevant anymore

    動画を一緒に作ったり その動画に特定の広告を流したりできる

  • "The way media like to portray thinks is no longer a reflection of reality" -Pewds 2k17

    これより確実な宣伝方法は 見つからないと思う


“広告はがし”は まだ終わってない…


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