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  • Good morning. No, it's like three o'clock

    [ 日本を発つ前に… ]

  • We're heading to Mount Fuji. Not really we're going to the famous pargagona.

    [ 1日目: 富士山 ]

  • I never remember what it's called. It looks really good, I'm excited.


  • It's beautiful weather and spirits are running high!

    いや… もう 3時か。w

  • We're on this really cute train.

    これから富士山に登る… いや、 ちょっと違うか

  • We're getting really close

    有名な… “パラガゴナ”?

  • Very exciting!

    [ “パゴダ (仏塔)” です ]

  • Imagine Logan Paul went on this train.


  • This same journey when he went to the forest.

    でも イイ場所だ、

  • We're on a famous train right now.

    楽しみだよ… 天気も良いし

  • Look at all the Mount Fujis!

    気分は 上々だ!

  • What happened to this one? Does anyone know?

    電車は カワイイし。w

  • There it is.


  • Salty...


  • Mmmm....

    信じられるか? Logan Paulも この電車に乗ったんだよ

  • Woah...

    “あの森” に行ったとき な

  • Look at that slope!

    な、 “有名な” 電車だろ。

  • Very nice.

    見ろ、 富士山たち~!

  • It's about a 20 minute walk.

    コイツ、 どうした…?

  • いきます!(Lets go!)


  • Oh god, there's so many steps

    …… w

  • They're so steep.


  • It's gonna be worth it.


  • How's the view?

    “ソルティー” ?

  • We can do it Marcia!

    ( “salty” = しょっぱい )

  • Marzia?

    ( ゚Д゚)< ワ~~ォ!!

  • There's monkeys.

    見ろよ、 あの “坂”!

  • And boars.

    ( ゚∀゚)< ウ ゥ ~~ ッ プ♪

  • These are- They look like pokemons!


  • Marcia Is dying.


  • We're almost up Marcia.

    ( ゚∀゚)< イキマ─ス!!

  • That's it!

    マジか、 段 ありすぎ…

  • This is it.

    おぉ、 しんどいな…

  • There it is.


  • Oh god.

    景色は どうだ?

  • Wow...

    頑張ろうぜ、 Marzia!

  • Wow...


  • Amazing...

    M: ん?

  • Oh yeah, we gotta take off our shoes.


  • We are out walking.

    M: (* ゚∀゚)< イイネ!!

  • Looking for-

    あと イノシシ。w M: (* ゚∀゚)< イイネ!!

  • Logal paul references.

    M: (; ゚∀゚)< WOW…

  • What?

    なんか… ポケモンみたいだな

  • Yeah he's there!

    M: (* ゚∀゚)< ヘヘヘ…

  • Oh, wow, it's so bright.


  • Show me Fuji.


  • We're giving him the voice,

    もうすぐだぞ、 Marzia!

  • Fuji: Hey guys, hey what's up?

    着いた! 着いたぞ!

  • So amazing...


  • Guys! I think there's a...

    あぁ、 ついに…

  • Sorry about the Logan references.

    …… w

  • I can't help it.

    あ、 押すのか…

  • We're going to a 7-Eleven...

    (* ゚Д゚)< ワ~~~ォ…

  • the middle of nowhere.

    (* ゚∀゚)< ワ──ォ!!

  • Good night guys, good night!

    M: カワイイ!

  • おやすみなさい!(Good night)

    (* ゚∀゚)< ス ゲェ … !! M: カワイイ!

  • おやすみなさい?(Good night?)

    あ… 靴 脱がないと!

  • Is that how you say it?


  • Hello and welcome back to vlog we're standing in the...


  • Longest line I've ever seen in my life.

    Logan Paulの “痕跡” を。(?)

  • For team lab.

    M: エッ…!!

  • And it should be very exciting.


  • I stuck with a kid.

    M: いた…

  • We got- We gotta get to shop.

    え、 ヤツが?

  • Keep walking, you're blocking-

    M: 見て…

  • Okay, so we just went through the line and there's another line inside the line.

    M: 星が見えるの…!

  • We're stuck here forever.

    うわー! 明るいな!

  • Hey, look, it's Joey. Hey, it's totally me. What a great block. Yeah. There's so much to explore

    “フジ” は?

  • There is a Marzia, so he touched the kanji they will change citizen

    M: こう?

  • What is that what did I do? Well, it's a flower Danny Joey


  • It's a tree house water

    「みなさぁ~ん、 ハ~ロ~ォ~~」

  • That's pretty dope another room what is this


  • Knock Jesus Christ, man

    「 みんなァ!」

  • You're supposed to touch where the light is crossing come on, there's another one


  • How tall do they think we are?

    ゴメンな、 Loganのマネだ…

  • Oh, no, damn, this is so trippy


  • It's not extend their look whoa with the ceiling she seems like moving on is it not


  • If you stare in the middle there, it's weird, this is crazy. Whoa. Oh, my mind is getting below. I'm lying. It's getting blown


  • Whoa, well, where am I walking? Whoa, ah don't look that don't like that

    みなさァ~ん、 おやすみィ~~!

  • Wow Wow this is so cool

    オヤスミ~ ナサイ♪

  • Weather whoa


  • So surreal looking everywhere there's something and you look down and it's just like


  • It's raining

    [ 2日目: チームラボ ]

  • Turn a token

    やぁ、 ビログへようこそ!

  • We get such a good footage of us you can totally see everything this is an Android and Andrew has good quality, okay?


  • How is this whoa, oh


  • It's you I thought you were produce where's the stripper pole I was tadpoles


  • No, it's tadpoles baby I

    絶対 楽しいよな!

  • Knew that well, well, well what a day of lights and more lights it's a trampoline well,

    子どもが “逆走” した…

  • Enemy battle

    俺たち… アレを、

  • It's black hole which how

    歩けって、 進んでるぞ!

  • Where's the sword let's go slide boys

    俺たち… ここまで列が来て、

  • Can you see me at all

    中にも また別の列が…

  • Probably not. There we go. Oh

    一生、 立ち往生だ。

  • Man, I am in the middle of King nowhere. I

    こりゃ スゲーなぁ!

  • Decided to take a shortcut I'm blown away where it led me I'm going through this park but there's no light


  • I just found this little sign. Oh

    何も見えないよ! w

  • my god found footage of

    J: カメラ、 撮れてる?

  • Pewdiepies. I'm scared that someone's gonna walk up to me. I'm like looking everywhere. It's so creepy. I'm sure this is like beautiful


  • Cuz there's like greenery everywhere. But man, I'm scared. I just want to make it back to the station. That's all I ask


  • I'm genuinely it's so cool, though. I wish you could see

    Joeyだ! The Anime Manだぞ

  • This is giant tree in front of me. That goes right them

    J: やぁ! 暗いけど、 僕です

  • You can't see that Kenyan. No, you can't see anything cuz Android has the best cameras. There's water to the left of me

    すげぇビログだな! w

  • so if I take a

    J: あぁ! すげぇビログだな! w

  • Wrong step I'm practically screwed basically

    見るものが たくさんあるな…

  • March says sick and


  • I

    (* ゚∀゚)< ワァ──!!

  • Decided to go out on an adventure she sent me out as well. There's like a little shrine here. Oh


  • I hope this black screen will do for footage for now


  • I'm just keeping myself company at this point. I


  • feel really


  • sad

    俺、 何したの?

  • because

    J: “花”!

  • We came on this trip to figure out if we wanted to live in Japan or not

    “花” だァ~~!

  • and to figure out if it was possible we meet up with

    ( 取って! Joey!)

  • Other people there's someone else

    取れ! Joey!

  • Oh god

    (* ゚∀゚)< わぁ~~!!

  • There was another person there. He was making me your noises. I'm so scared

    “木” だな!

  • We made it boys. You don't why do you not see anything?

    ( “水” でしょ? ) “木” だな!

  • Android fix your camera. We wanted to figure out if we could live in Japan or not

    え、 “水”?

  • So we met with visa people and we met with tax people

    ( うん… ) え、 “水”?

  • but it's just so


  • So so difficult


  • That we feel a little overwhelmed by it


  • We knew it was gonna be difficult obviously, but there's a lot of things to factor in

    (; ゚Д゚)< AH!!

  • With not just us and the dogs and the time and the housing

    目が、 目がぁ~!

  • It's just a big step that I don't know if you're ready to take or not. I feel like

    光が交差したら タッチするんだな

  • I really want to do it though. I feel like I don't want to look back in a couple years and be like


  • oh, I wonder what it was like I


  • Wonder what it would have been like and I think I mean the unique

    そんな 背ェ高くねーよ。w

  • opportunity to do something like this and I really want to try it even though a lot of people, you know, obviously


  • It will be difficult

    ( この床 イイね!)

  • So I feel - a bit sad, I don't know because we don't know what to do. Basically I made it. I'm alive


  • That was insane

    ( 何が起きてる…? )

  • Never takes shortcuts ever again. I'm sure it's beautiful, but I'm not doing that again


  • I was scared. I'm really scared. I'm freaked out. Oh

    ( あー! 私!)

  • Thank god, I'm genuinely relieved

    ( アナタだー!) ( あー! 私!)

  • Okay, I made it I just wanted to show that I am live I am Alive

    ( ツイてるな!)

Good morning. No, it's like three o'clock

[ 日本を発つ前に… ]


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