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  • Hello everyone! Welcome to The English

  • We Speak with me, Feifei...

  • And hello, it's me Rob.

  • So Rob, I see you're working

  • from home again today?

  • Well, there's not much choice

  • under the current circumstances.

  • That's true but what do you prefer?

  • Do you like working at home

  • or working in the office?

  • Hmmm, that's a difficult question to

  • answer. I mean, I like being in

  • the office. I get

  • to see everyone, it's very sociable

  • and we get to work together, Feifei!

  • Yes but, surely you enjoy working at home

  • too - it's quiet and you

  • don't get those annoying

  • interruptions.

  • Errr, that's true - and I can eat as many

  • biscuits as I like... without

  • people complaining!

  • Well, I think 'blended working' is

  • the way forward for you.

  • Ooo, 'blended working' - what's that?

  • 'Blended working' is a new expression

  • that describes a mix of working

  • at home and working

  • in the office. It's another way of

  • describing flexible working.

  • Let's hear some examples...

  • New technology has helped me with

  • blended working. I can now do

  • many of my tasks at home.

  • Our company is introducing blended

  • working - it will help with my

  • work-life balance and

  • provide more desk space in the office.

  • I've asked my boss for a more blended

  • approach to working - let's hope

  • he agrees!

  • This is The English We Speak from BBC

  • Learning English and we're learning

  • about the phrase

  • 'blended working', which describes

  • a mix of working from home

  • and your place of work.

  • So how do you like the idea of this, Rob?

  • It sounds great. So how many days can

  • I work at home?

  • Well, 'blended working' means being

  • flexible so it benefits you

  • and the business. It's

  • happening more and more but it doesn't

  • work if you're not self-motivated.

  • Self-motivated? I certainly am

  • and working at home is

  • great - I could work in my pyjamas!

  • Hmmm, just make sure you don't wear

  • them to the office.

  • I won't. Bye.

  • Bye, Rob.

Hello everyone! Welcome to The English


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ブレンドワーキング」とはどういう意味ですか?- 私たちが話す英語 (What does 'blended working' mean? - The English We Speak)

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