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  • Hi everybody. I'm James

  • and welcome back to this week's English In A Minute.

  • This week we're going to look at the differences

  • between 'actually' and 'at the moment'.

  • These two phrases are often confused, so

  • let's take a look at an example:

  • At the moment, I'm making this programme, but

  • actually, I should be in a meeting.

  • So this sentence shows both phrases

  • but they're actually quite different. Let's break it down.

  • At the moment, I'm making this programme.

  • As you can see, I'm making this programme right now,

  • so 'at the moment' means 'now', or 'in the present'.

  • But actually I should be in a meeting.

  • Now, in this part of my sentence,

  • 'actually' isn't talking about time at all.

  • 'Actually' means 'in fact' or 'in reality'.

  • So, if you want to talk about 'now', say 'at the moment'.

  • But if you want to say 'in reality' say 'actually'.

  • At the moment I want to go and make a coffee,

  • but actually I think I'll go back to my desk.

  • Bye!

Hi everybody. I'm James


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