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  • It's AumSum Time

  • Can animals get a sunburn?

  • Yes.

  • Due to ultraviolet radiation of the sun, animals can also get sunburns.

  • However, to protect themselves from the harmful radiation.

  • Different animals have different biological defenses.

  • For example, reptiles have scales, birds have feathers, animals like sheep, dogs and cats have fur or hair.

  • Sperm whales have a special protein, fin whales have more melanin, etc.

  • Does anybody have Captain America's shield?

  • Please listen.

  • Some animals even produce certain substances to protect themselves from the harmful radiation.

  • For example, hippopotamuses secrete a fluid made up of red and orange pigments.

  • Some fish, amphibians, reptiles and birds produce a chemical called gadusol.

  • In addition to this, animals like rhinoceroses, elephants and pigs take mud baths.

  • It is said that mud acts like a physical barrier between their skin and ultraviolet radiation.

  • Thus preventing them from getting sunburns.

  • Hold on guys.

  • Can you guess the title of my next video?

  • Hurry up.

  • Write your guess in the comments section below.

It's AumSum Time


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動物は日焼けしても大丈夫?| 動物が日焼けしても大丈夫なの? (Can animals get a sunburn? | #aumsum #kids #science #education #children)

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