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  • [Soos] Run!

  • [Soos] Get back to the boat! Hurry!

  • [Mabel] Aaah!

  • [Dipper] Not the picture!

  • [Soos] Dude if it makes you feel any better, I got tons of pictures of those beavers, dude!

  • [Dipper] Why would that make me feel better?

  • [Soos] C'mon let's get outta here dudes!

  • [Dipper] Alright, this is it! Cracked lens??? Soos, get a photo!

  • [Dipper] WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!

  • [Soos] Oh, I still got one left! Don't worry dude.

  • [Dipper] Ahh!

  • [Dipper] Go go go go go!

  • [Dipper] Soos! Beavers!

  • [Mabel] Ahh! lookout!

  • [Some random dude] My glass!

  • [Mabel] Where do I go?!

  • [Dipper] Uhhh... uh... go to the falls! I think there might be a cave behind there!

  • [Mabel] Might be?!

  • (everyone screaming)

  • (More screaming)

[Soos] Run!


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B2 中上級

グラビティ・フォールズ ゴブルウォンカー・チェイス・サウンドトラック (Gravity Falls Gobblewonker Chase Soundtrack)

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