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unlike the cat in the hat, I cannot read with my eyes shut.
But the National Institutes of Health says through his wacky and subliminally educational books, Dr Seuss improved Children's health.
He helped them develop literacy skills.
That's not the only healthy effect of reading.
When you think about reading just the idea of being able to focus on something in particular that's not a big screen, not a device can really be a benefit.
There been studies that have shown that it can help reduce your stress levels, help improve your attention levels and possibly be overall good for your mental functions.
You could reduce your rates of cognitive decline by up to 32%.
This is significant.
It's fascinating to see how the brain responds, even if the body is sitting still looking at those pages.
So, for example, if there is a scene that you're reading, that's a very active scene.
The areas of the brain that are called the motor cortex that were responsible for movement.
They may start the light up if it's a particularly stimulating part of the book that you're reading your sensory cortex, which actually allows you to see that may start to light up.
There been some interesting studies showing that you don't actually have to read a book.
I recommend this one.
By the way, you could actually hear books you couldn't listen to an audiobook, for example, and that can have some of the same beneficial effects that we're talking about.
So just keep in mind the more you read, the more you know, the more you learn, the further you go.
That was a different doctor, Dr Seuss, but regardless, it will help you live to 100.


Could Reading Make You Live Longer?

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