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There's not a lot of census data on being a professional Lego builder, so we don't know the salary for this.
But there are people who do it.
Duncan Tit Marsh started or, let's say, re started working with Legos at age 22.
The company he founded makes custom designed Lego models.
I am gonna march.
I'm the only Lego set by professional in every tells me I've got the best job in the world A moment?
Yes, I think I have.
It is good fun, but at times like an efficiency Stressful.
But yeah, best job in the world Color Trouble is we got 40,000 to use up e think Lego from the childhood a box which I thought that was a big box but it wasn't that big.
Now I've got, like, thousands of books on the shelf, but from that box did come lots of ideas.
So I still have that passion.
But see it more now when you get an idea from a client and you try and work out, how can we make this outbreaks?
That's always the best part.
You are dreaming Lego occasionally.
If I think I've done everything one leg crossed my mind.
Something new comes up that you could do nowadays it is just a job.
But I don't come out and going to the workshop.
And you see all the tax breaks on belt isn't.
This is what I started from the garden yet.
So it is like a normal job.
But yet it still has that wow factor to it, even for May.


How To Get Paid For Building Legos

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