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  • tropical systems come in all shapes and sizes.

  • You have tropical depressions, tropical storms, and once it is strong enough to become a hurricane, you have five categories.

  • Category five being the strongest, the state's most frequently hit by a hurricane.

  • Florida, Louisiana and Texas.

  • But as much as we know about hurricanes, forecasting them is still a challenge.

  • Justus.

  • We name each storm.

  • Each storm has its own personality, like Katrina in 2005 which intensified rapidly overnight, going from a Category three to a Category five, it became the fourth most intense hurricane on record.

  • As of that time in the forecast track can change dramatically, like Erica in 2015.

  • Or a system that can be viewed is relatively weak, like a tropical storm could end up like Tropical Storm Allison.

  • In 2001 the remnants of the storm stalled over Southeast Texas, stumping 35 inches of rain over Houston.

tropical systems come in all shapes and sizes.


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ハリケーンについて知っておくべきこと (What You Need To Know About Hurricanes)

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