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Hello, I'm Catie.
Today, what I am going to share is
very very special...
and a little bit exiting..
It is how to cut your own hair by yourself!
It's not just like cutting the fringe or cutting off the split ends of my hair.
It is about how to cut your hair short by yourself.
Normally I like to cut my own hair.
Basically, I would keep my hair length to here, or a bit longer at most,
Then I would cut it by my own.
Normally, I would cut hair on my own unless for hair perming.
I am very used to cut my own hair.
I reason it 's easier to get the hair length you want by cutting the hair on your own
When I go to a hair salon, I don't know why but it's usually hard for me to communicate well with the hairdresser
Every time I let a hairdresser do my hair, I am usually not very satisfied with the result.
So I decide to do my own hair then
I am that type of person who does not care about messing up my own hair,
I mean if my hair is messed up, it can be tied up for a while because hair will grow back.
Or i will be using the curling iron to make my hair look nicer if I mess it up. Normally, it won't be too ugly to look at.
So, I don't care about messing up my hair.
Today, there is still a possibility that I will mess up my hair. I can't be successful every time I try.
Now, I want to cut my hair so I'm recording this for you guys to watch.
I will need two tools to cut my hair.
The first one would definitely be scissors.
I use the normal scissors that can be bought from stationery shops, not those professional ones.
I am more used to this type of scissors.
And the size should be approximately like this small one
Be sure to have sharp scissors , so it won't be difficult to use or the end result would not be neat.
The next tool is the thin comb. I think everyone should have it.
And so, let's start now.
My way of cutting the hair is very easy and simple, I would first divide my hair into half.
I'm justing doing approximately half. I don't really care about my hair.
Divide them into half , and brush them so they would be neat.
I have brush them earlier.
Just a little bit more.
I would wear clothes that are to be thrown later, so I do not need to clean the hair on it afterwards.
Sometimes your hair would stick onto your clothes
So it can't be taken out, and the clothes can't be cleared completely.
Or else, you can make the plastic poncho. Well for me, I am too lazy to do that.
Hence, I wear the clothes that are to be thrown away so I could just throw them away and there is no need to tidy things up.
After brushing,
Just hold the length you want, and how to decide the length?
For instance, I would like to cut my hair up to my shoulders.
I would grab on it.
Then, I would use the curling iron to tidy my hair so my hair length would be shorter a bit after that
So you would have to save some length to curl your hair afterwards.
Normally I would leave about this much of length.
So go down for this length.
So it is approx. here.
It's really common to make mistakes while cutting our own hair.
I would rather cut it bit by bit first ,
Then if it's too long, I can trim it up slowly.
I would not want to cut to the desired lenght by one shot.
For example, you want the length at here and you cut straight at it.
Then if you realise you cut it too short, there will be no way to fix it.
You can only seek professional help from hairdressers.
But if you cut it slowly, you can trim your hair to the desired length.
So I would rather take longer time than cutting it too short
I would first start with this length.
A bit more..
Then I'll cut.
So nervous!
It's my first time to video myself cutting my hair
Here we go! Arghhh..
Like this.
Um, so ugly?
The cut hair is here. I'm going to keep it.
Now this side.
The same, grab..
When you hold on it,
you pull it down with force.
The length would be slight shorter after you let go
So when you grab on it, use lesser force.
Or else it is hard to estimate the length you want
This would be it.
Cutting now!
Actually I am that kind of person who hardly goes outside.
I would not go out unless something urgent happens.
I rather cut it by my own in the house.
Such a weird habit...
This side is too short .
Never mind.
The hair will grow back. No difference.
Two bundle. Here.
And now, I am separating my hair into two layers .
First tie up the upper part.
I can trim hair layers by myself.
Tie up the upper part like this.
And the same as before, divide the hair into half and put them in front.
Now it is time for checking and there is a strand too long and it is coming out.
Grab it and cut it off.
And then,
I would trim the hair layers like this
Cut it vertically.
You can see now the hair has a horizontal cut line, it looked plain and stupid.
I would cut it using the scissors by holding it vertically.
The line would be more natural later.
Only a bit more natural, but not completely natural.
It would be nicer after you wash it a few times.
Curling iron is needed to tidy the hair on the first few days.
Otherwise, it will look like a dog has bitten on it.
After trimming it vertically, the line is smoother and natural.
Unlike this side, which is cut straight by scissors.
I will trim this side again for you all to see one more time.
Trim it vertically like this.
You can see why I like small scissors like this
If the scissors is too big, you can't control it very well.
if too small, it will take a lot of time.
So this size would be the best.
You should also be aware that I pulled the hair to the front when I cut it.
because of the angle, outside part would be shorter.
the inside would be longer.
If you don't like it, you would have to trim the inside part shorter.
I like shorter hair in the front and longer hair at the back,
so i would not trim it to be perfectly neat.
I only trim the rigid hair ends.
Okay. It's done.
Now for the other side.
Now you can see the hair line is not that hard compared with the one right after the cut
It will look nicer afterwards when curling iron is used.
Really. Maybe it's just me thinking it is nice.
This is my own habit of tidying my hair.
Then I would tied this layer up.
The trimmed layer.
(to avoid cutting it again later)
Separate another layer up here.
So the second layer would be shorter ,
I would cut this shorter.
It would be a length of a finger.
Hold onto the hair like this.
Like this.
And cut this off.
The hair layer would come out.
The same for here.
Cut it vertically.
The other reason that I like to cut my hair is
I like my hair to have a thick volume.
I never thin my hair, but
I don't know why but all the hairdressers want to thin the hair.
I always tell them not to thin my hair.
I like my hair to have a thick volume.
But in the end, they always say "let me thin this bit of hair for you".
No matter how you say no, they will insist on thinning your hair.
I would rather cut my hair by myself so I can decide the volume of my hair
and the length of hair that I prefer.
And now this layer is done.
The same here, hold onto to the length of a finger. Then cut it.
Trim it vertically.
When trimming like this, you can see there are some hair out of place.
Trim them off first.
This part is too long.
Trim it off.
Okay. Second part has finished.
Look at these two layers put together.
Tie them back.
Now the top part.
I think I cut too short.
Haha. No difference.
So this part is the third part.
The same, divide it into half.
For that last layer, we use width of a finger.
This layer would need the width of approx. two fingers.
It should be shorter layer by layer
So It would look better after the curling the hair.
Then it would have the curve.
Like this.
Use the finger to grab the hair.
Okay. Cut off this bit.
Trim it vertically.
If you see a bit too long, grab it
Look here, this bit is too long.
Grab it and cut it off.
Don't be afraid to cut it.
Hair is external to the body.
It will grow soon after.
This part is now done.
I cut it so short!
So you guys really need to leave some more length for your hair.
I cut too short.
But never mind.
I just want it short.
And now, this side.
When one side is too short, the other side had to be trimmed shorter.
So if you keep trimming and trimming, it will became shorter and shorter
So for the first cut , you should save about this length.
Just in case you make some mistakes.
It is so fun to cut your own hair.
In the future, if i have a daughter I will have fun with her hair.
Okay, now I put the rest down.
Normally, the back hair would be longer.
I would grab on it more.
There is excess here.
Grab it and trim it.
It is actually all right this time.
Only a bit.
Only a bit on the back.
Trim it like this
I don't really care if I can't see it so I will just trim it anyway.
If you are really aware of your hair , don't cut it by your own
You may cry after your try.
I see no difference. It's just hair.
Okay. It is finished.
It may not be neat on the back.
I would trim it later in a few days.
I would not cut it all at once.
I would consider it done if the front and the sides are neat.
Now I teach you how to tidy up this kind of hair using curling iron.
I will change this shirt first. it's so itchy now
I have changed into this shirt.
This shirt..
was my favourite shirt to wear when I used to work.
I would wear this if I had meeting with my manager.
He had never found out even once !
Now I want to tidy up my hair with the curling iron.
Curling iron is here.
I directly curl it inwards like this.
Curl it inwards layer by layer.
Look at the sides before and after the curling.
There is a big difference, right?
I have separated three hair layers to cut.
So I can have this pretty effect after curling.
I like it! I think it's pretty!
Now for this side.
This is the finished look.
I don't think it is worse than having it cut by hair dressers.
I think it is pretty.
Too much self confidence for myself
I always like the hair style that I cut for myself
And it is easier to have the look that you want.
I think it look good.
Now I have middle parting.
If you want a side parting is also ok.
It would be nicer if you side part it.
Look good with the side parting.
Both are good.
If you're interested in cutting your hair, try it.
Don't worry about it, hair grows back anyway.
Don't cut it too short.
For my length of hair , if you mess it up, you can just simply tie the hair up and you will be fine.
Beware of two points while cutting the hair:
1.Do not cut it too short.
It can't get longer immediately if you cut it too short.
So cut it slowly and trim it.
2. Trim some hair layers.
I separated the hair into three layers to cut, so after the curling, there should be a nice curve.
It can be made into the 'inward curling' style.
If you cut it all flat, you will not get this style.
Middle parting and side parting are both nice.
I like my hairstyle now.
I hope this video can help some people who need it.
Although I don't think there is anyone who need to learn how to cut their hair by themselves.
Anyway, hope you like this video.
Don't forget to subscribe to my channel. Bye Bye!


另類教學: 如何自己剪頭髮! I CUT MY OWN HAIR l Hello Catie

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