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  • brain.

  • He's the world famous Beagle scout going out on a hike.

  • Wow, Snoopy.

  • Getting out in the wilderness really makes you look at life differently.

  • It makes you realize how easy it is to get most now snooping A lost Eagle Scout has two choices.

  • He can either panic or he can calmly never get his way home.

  • Now, which will it be?

  • I think he chose panic.

  • Now, Snoopy, relax.

  • Just follow your compass.

  • Compass can't move by itself.

  • Don't you know how to use the compass?

  • Don't you know what the little end stands for?

  • It means North.

  • Snoopy.

  • What's that?

  • Snoopy?

  • You smell something?

  • What could Oh, cookies.

  • Snoopy's nose can smell cookies from a very long distance.

  • I'm glad you're safe, Snoopy, but don't you want to share with Charlie Brown and Franklin?

  • It was their cookies that helped you find camp after all.

  • Uh oh.



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スヌーピー|スヌーピーは失われた取得します|ブランドの新しいピーナッツのおもちゃの演劇|子供のためのビデオ (Snoopy | Snoopy Gets Lost | BRAND NEW Peanuts Toy Play | Videos for Kids)

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