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  • The actual DNA of it is very traditional English tailoring

  • Hello my name is David Reeves

  • I'm the owner of Reeves which is a bespoke tailoring house here in New York

  • Today amongst other things we are doing a fitting for a new client for a

  • three-piece bespoke suit and we're going to be doing a basted fitting for him and

  • see how his suit goes

  • There's different definitions of what a bespoke suit is, depending on who you ask

  • I used to work on Savile Row for a couple of companies and the definition

  • which I kind of pretty much hold true is that we make an individual pattern or

  • template for every client so we have an individual blueprint for every suit

  • so they're all individual we also have an awful lot of handwork in our suits

  • it takes about 50 hours to make every suit that we're doing in terms of man-hours

  • not a lot of people are making suits like that these days

  • I think the house style is actually very traditional English really

  • with more modern stuff that we do it's a little bit more kind of sharper

  • a little bit more kind of fitted and we may kind of put more unusual fabrics in there

  • or more kind of leading-edge more like fashion based luxury fabrics which a

  • Savile Row house might not do in the same way

  • but when you really get down to it

  • I actually really quite like quite traditional English tailoring but just

  • executed very well. In fact a lot of the time my favorite kind of suit is

  • something like a navy suit in a really beautiful fabric

  • A basted fitting we actually have the pattern done

  • and we've assembled the suit up to a fashion

  • but it's not like a half finished kind of suit and we're not

  • kind of just pinning it and altering it we're going to pin it and mark it, what we

  • want to do with it and convey to the tailors but what they do is they get

  • that basted fitting and they take it apart to its component pieces and then

  • they recut it according to the alterations that we need to do and then

  • they put it back together for the final fitting so it's it's probably more

  • involved in people think is.

  • The next step up after that is we usually go to...

  • straight to the final fitting. The gentlemen might want like his trouser a

  • bit shorter or or longer a little bit of a nip and tuck but usually on the third

  • visit the client can walk away with it.

  • and then hopefully we could do another suit for that gentleman down the line

The actual DNA of it is very traditional English tailoring


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富士フイルムX-T4のサンプル動画では、オーダーメイドスーツの製作過程を紹介しています。 (Fujifilm X-T4 sample video highlights the process of bespoke suit making)

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