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  • So... you wanna hear more about our Disney Resort Hotels?


  • Well, you came to the right place.


  • You won't believe all the magical benefits you get.

  • With more than twenty fun hotels you get to pick your theme. ♪


  • You'll find the one that's perfect for your perfect Disney dream. ♪


  • We'll get you so excited that you'll never want to leave. ♪


  • The list of things to see and do is too much to believe. ♪


  • It's true. When you're staying at a Disney Resort Hotel, the fun never ends.


  • There are water sports, all kinds of sorts, that fill the Seven Seas. ♪


  • Restaurants for bon vivants, such fine amenities. ♪


  • Since your resort hotel can be so near at Disney park, you could play all day with Mickey and see fireworks at dark. ♪


  • You wanna spend even more time in a Disney theme park? Well, listen to this!


  • Stay right here with us and then you'll get some magic powers. ♪


  • Extra time inside the parks we call it Extra Magic Hours. ♪


  • These Extra Magic Hours happen every single day, it's all complimentary, an extra thank you for your stay. ♪


  • Hey, check this out; it's called a Magic Band.


  • Another cool perk you get when you stay in a Disney Resort Hotel.


  • We'll give you each a Magic Band, wear it on your favorite hand. ♪

    ♪マジックバンドを差し上げます。お好きなの手首におつけください ♪

  • Have another fun, when you're on the run, your Magic Band will get it done. ♪


  • Just pick the color best for you; orange, yellow, green, and blue. ♪


  • You can open up your door, use it at a store. ♪


  • You think that's cool? Just wait, there's more. ♪


  • That's right. You can even use your Magic Band at our Fast Pass Plus locations.


  • What's Fast Pass Plus, you ask? Come on, I'll show ya!


  • You've got so much to do. ♪

    ♪ やれることがいっぱいあるよ ♪

  • You need the perfect perk for you. ♪

    ♪パーフェクトな特典が必要でしょう ♪

  • To cut down on your wait, make a fast-pass day, we'll help you get on through. ♪


  • It makes your stay a treat, reserve that meet-and-greet. ♪


  • Come on, get it now, make your trip a wow. It's sweet. ♪


  • And you know what else is sweet?


  • As a guest of a Disney Resort Hotel, you get first access to Fast Pass Plus service up to 60 full days before you check in.


  • Flying into Orlando Airport? Then you get to experience Disney's Magical Express service.


  • We can pick you up with our airport bus, drop your bags and you.♪


  • At your doorstep, plus, with the drive off your mind, leave your worries behind.♪

    ♪ 目的地まで、また、その送迎で、お忘れください。心配しないでください♪

  • Transportation, it's on us. ♪ Even after you get here.


  • Take a monorail or a boat or bus, ♪

    ♪モノレールや船、バスをご利用ください ♪

  • There's no fee, no charge, there's no mess, no fuss. ♪


  • With the drive off your mind, leave your worries behind, transportation, it's on us. ♪


  • So, we're all set.


  • We hope you'll be joining us soon at a beautiful Walt Disney World Resort Hotel.


  • Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah, come down and play. ♪

    ♪ズィッパディ ドゥ ダァ、ここに来て、遊びましょう♪

  • We've got magic every night, every day.♪


  • Plenty of fun times heading your way.♪


  • Yes! ♪ Your gonna love this... ♪

    「そう!」 ♪きっとすごく気に入るはず…♪

  • Nothing beats a Disney Resort Hotel.


  • It's a wonderful stay. ♪

    ♪さいっこ~うの きゅう じぃ つぅ~~~ ♪

So... you wanna hear more about our Disney Resort Hotels?


審査済み この字幕は審査済みです

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